Windows XP Update Remover - Cleanup after Windows Update

iconWindows XP Update Remover provides a quick and easy way to cleanup the files left behind after every Windows update and reclaim valuable disk space. It can also uninstall Windows updates that appear to be causing trouble.

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Whenever Windows Update runs to install security fixes and other updates to your system, it creates a folder within the Windows folder containing all the files replaced during the update. These folders have names like "$NtUninstall..." and are highlighted in blue. The contents of these folders are only ever needed if you uninstall an update. If you are not going to uninstall an update then its backup folder can be removed to save disk space. However, these folders cannot (or should not) simply be deleted, because they are referred to by links in the Registry.

Manually removing these folders and their related Registry links is possible, but not easy. This is where Windows XP Update Remover comes in. With it you can easily clean up these Windows Update folders. Just select an update from the list, read the information about it to see what it is, and then click Remove backup folder. If you want to know what an update does before deleting its backup folders then you can click on a link to Microsoft web pages that describe the update.

Windows XP Update Remover can uninstall Windows updates as well. This is not something you will often need to do, unless you suspect that an update has caused problems with your computer, so the program displays a warning before allowing you to proceed with removal of an update.

Product Information


Platform: Windows

Price: Freeware

Key Features

  • Easily remove Windows XP update backup files.
  • Optionally uninstall Windows updates.