Windows Password Cracker

iconWindows Password Cracker can help you gain access to Windows user accounts where the user has forgotten the password. It can recover lost passwords on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems.

You need to be able to install Windows Password Cracker on the system and run it under Windows, so this tool will not help you if you don't know any password for the computer and can't access it at all. While installing it be warned: On-the-ball anti-virus or anti-spyware products may warn you that the product contains "Win32:PWDump" or similar. This isn't surprising, as the password recovery software contains tools to access the system passwords, and the security software can't tell whether Windows Password Cracker is benign or malicious.

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Once installed, Windows Password Cracker is easy to use. First, you import the local users from the system. This retrieves the user names and passwords. However, the passwords are not stored in plain text (for obvious reasons) nor are they reversibly encrypted. Instead, they are stored as hashes - a non-reversible form of encryption. Windows knows when you type the right password by applying the same encryption to what you typed and then comparing it with the hashed version. To recover a lost password, your Windows password recovery software has to try to guess the password, trying different passwords until it finds one that matches the stored hash.


Windows Password Cracker supports three methods of password discovery, selectable using the Options dialog box. The first, a user name crack, checks to see whether any accounts used the user name as the password. The second, a dictionary based attack, tries a list of words. By default, the program uses a 53,000 word English dictionary, but other dictionaries are available or can easily be created. Because of the way the passwords are hashed, Windows Password Cracker may report partial matches, which may be sufficient to jog the user's memory about the exact password

If the user was more careful about security, and included numbers or other symbols, used a mixture of upper and lower case, or even used a randomly generated password like "JSmUsj96q8k" then you will need to use brute-force methods to find the password. This can take a long time, but Windows Password Cracker has been efficiently coded and will do the job as quickly as possible. It took just a couple of seconds to crack a 3-character password!

If you are responsible for computers in a business, Windows Password Cracker is a useful tool for carrying out password audits. It can graphically illustrate to users the folly of using ordinary words or very short letter groups as passwords. But it is mainly a useful tool to have handy when a user inevitably forgets his password. Windows Password Cracker is so inexpensive that every PC technician should have a copy.

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Product Information

Publisher: FDRLab

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 14.99

Key Features

  • Correctly extracts user names and passwords using national encoding
  • Supports brute force and dictionary-based attacks
  • Foreign language and user-created dictionaries supported
  • Allows users with known LM/NT hashes to be manually added
  • Works on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
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