Why Your Computer Needs MagiCure

From time to time every computer user experiences one of these common problems:

Recovering from such problems can be a nightmare - unless you have previously installed Magicure Professional.

MagiCure protects your PC against mistakes and problemsMagicure is a utility that safeguards your computer and your files by taking regular snapshots of the system. It does this automatically, in the background, so you hardly even notice it is running.

As soon as a problem occurs you can start MagiCure and select a snapshot that was made when the system was working normally. Recovery takes just a couple of minutes, compared to possibly hours of wasted time and frustration. You'll be glad of the day you decided to install MagiCure on your system.

Unlike the System Restore that is built into Windows, MagiCure snapshots include all of your files so it can repair your computer after any kind of problem. You can restore individual files from a snapshot so you won't lose your most recent work in order to recover the system.

MagiCure runs before Windows starts, so you can quickly recover even from major errors that prevent Windows from booting.

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Tech-Pro.net recommendsTech-Pro.net recommends:
We recommend and use MagiCure Professional because it provides an easy way to restore from problems caused by software updates, configuration errors, viruses, malware and recover deleted or overwritten files.

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