Tweaking Toolbox XP

Tweaking Toolbox XP - Customizing Windows XP made easy Tweaking Toolbox XP lets you make Microsoft Windows XP, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express look and work the way you want, without having to make difficult and dangerous Registry changes. If you're a complete beginner, Tweaking Toolbox XP lets you tweak Windows like a pro, in complete safety. If you're an expert, Tweaking Toolbox XP lets you make changes that you could spend hours finding out how to do. And if your computer is used by other people who like to "tinker", Tweaking Toolbox XP makes it easy to lock down your computer configuration and prevent changes from being made to the settings you've chosen.

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Tweaking Toolbox XP lets you make changes to hundreds of different Windows settings, just by clicking a check box or typing a value. There is no need to use the difficult to master and potentially dangerous Registry Editor.

Tweaking Toolbox XP Settings

Tweaking Toolbox XP makes it easy to customize WindowsGeneral

Under General you can change settings that affect the appearance of Windows, such as animation, fade and shadow effects. You can also select the user account to which the changes will apply (change another user's settings without logging in to that account.)

Mouse Settings

From Mouse Settings you can change the speed and sensitivity of the mouse and the mouse wheel, and the behavior of Windows when you move the ointer.

Internet Explorer & Outlook Express

The Internet Explorer & Outlook Express section lets you change several Internet Explorer settings, disable the splash screen and block dangerous attachments in Outlook Express. You can also set restrictions to control what features of Internet Explorer may be accessed or vhanged, and set the title bars of both programs to any text of your choosing.


The Explorer section allows you to customize Windows Explorer, and change system policy settings to prevent access to some options (such as the Security tab or View, Folder Options.) You can also hide, or prevent access to specified drives.


The Desktop section lets you specify the system icons that appear on the desktop, prevent toolbars from being moved and disable the saving of changes on exit. There are also a number of settings concerned with appearance.

Start menu & Taskbar

Under Start menu & Taskbar you can control which items appear on the Start menu, control the grouping of items on the Taskbar, and specify the interval at which the computer will check and correct the system clock using the Windows Time service.

Control Panel

The Control Panel section lets you limit access to the Windows Control Panel if you want, and even lets you specify what should appear in Add/ Remove Programs. The Add/Remove Programs Entries section lets you edit the information stored for each program, allowing you to correct errors as well as delete entries that are not required.

System & Security

The settings available under System & Security again allow you to determine whether users should be allowed access to options that affect the configuration of the system, such as access to Windows Update, the ability to install new device drivers, and even access to the Command Prompt. You can also restrict access to the Task Scheduler, and enable the removal of certain Windows components that cannot normally be removed because they are not listed in Add/Remove Programs.

Product Information

Publisher: WinShareSoft

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 39.95

Key Features

  • Access hidden Windows registry settings to improve Windows appearance, performance and functionality.
  • Keep others from changing your settings.
  • Remove useless clutter (even "unremovable" Windows components).
  • Make Windows XP work the way you want it to.
  • Increase Windows security.
  • Change settings for any user.
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