iconNow tools and tips can be just a click away. Together with Conduit, the leading provider of community toolbars, we are proud to bring you a browser toolbar that will enhance your productivity whilst you are on the web, keep you informed and entertained, and help protect and maintain your computer.


No adware, no spyware, easy uninstall. Guaranteed.

Some unscrupulous companies have given toolbars a bad name by creating toolbars that contain spyware, install themselves without asking or are hard to remove. guarantees that our toolbar is completely free of adware and spyware and can easily be removed if you decide you don't want it. You can check the privacy statement here. In over two years of offering this toolbar we have never had a complaint.

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But why should you bother to install our toolbar? Well, if you're a typical visitor then just like us you're interested in computers, software and the internet, and you're fairly clued-up technically. We created a toolbar that has the tools and features we need, and we think you'll like it too. Here are some of the reasons why you'll find the Toolbar useful.

Tech search options

Enhanced tech search optionsAs a keen Internet user, you need the best search tools. The main search engine and search tools in our toolbar are powered by Google, the leader in web search, so you get exactly the same results as if you searched using, or Google's own toolbar.

But we have added some extra search options found on no other toolbar especially for technical users. There's a Windows Support option which searches Microsoft support sites to give you results containing the best technical information. There is also a DriverSearch search engine to help you locate the latest drivers for your computer, and a website domain search to help you find the registered owner of a website. Plus you can search Google and Yahoo groups direct from the toolbar, check words in an online dictionary and look things up in an encyclopedia.

Top tech links

Tech-Pro's top pages and useful resourcesEven with search engines, it's sometimes hard to find a site that has the information or software product you need.

The button opens up a menu of links to resources that we find most useful, which we thought you'd like too. There are direct links to parts of our website and links to the main sites within There are also links to some of the best computer help and troubleshooting resources and online tools.

Tech news

ssWith the toolbar installed in your browser, you're just a mouse click away from the latest world affairs and computer technology news, brought to you by RSS.

There are also news feeds from itself, bringing you news of the most recent additions to the site and the latest one-day-only discount deals.

Tech videos

Tech tutorials at your fingertipsThe YouTube Tech Videos gadget can improve your computer knowledge and help you solve common PC problems by bringing you the latest tech tutorials from YouTube's eHowTech channel.

Virus scanner

The Toolbar helps you keep your computer safe from viruses, trojans and spyware. A built-in virus checker lets you instantly check any suspicious file, or anything you just downloaded. Just select the file and click the Scan button. If you don't want it on the toolbar then it's also accessible from the links button.

Free virus scanner

You probably have anti-virus installed already, but it's always worth getting a second opinion. The virus checker uses Dr.Web anti-virus, one of the top products for detecting the latest malware.

Internet radio and Web TV

Internet radio player and Web TV are includedWe haven't forgotten that you like to be entertained, so the Toolbar also contains an Internet radio player and a Web TV viewer.

Watch TV using the Web TV playerThe Internet radio player runs in the toolbar itself. You can easily search for and add your favorites from literally thousands of internet radio stations worldwide. The Web TV player lets you watch the latest news and entertainment programs from major TV stations in the USA and Europe.

Keeping in touch

Log in to Facebook and Twitter right from your toolbarIf you use Facebook or Twitter, you can use our Facebook and Twitter gadgets to log in to your account just by clicking the button on the toolbar.

Handy gadgets

ssThe toolbar includes many optional gadgets that can save time and make your time online more productive, including:
- an email notifier that checks your mailboxes (including Gmail) and alerts you when you receive new mail;
-Keep track of the weather a privacy component that can clear history lists and delete cookies from your browser;
- a weather watcher that tells you the weather at a favorite location;
- and much more.

Most of these features and gadgets are optional, so you can remove those you don't need. You can also add content and gadgets from other publishers of Conduit toolbars!

We're sure you will find the Toolbar a useful addition to your web browser. Why not try it for yourself? The toolbar is FREE, it contains no adware and no spyware and if you decide not to keep it then it's easy to uninstall.

downloadDownload the Toolbar now!

If you have any more questions about the Toolbar see the Toolbar FAQ page.

Product Information


Platform: Windows

Price: Freeware

Key Features

  • Google-powered search
  • Unique search options:
    - Windows Support
    - DriverSearch
    - Website info search
    - Google and Yahoo groups search
    - Encyclopedia search
    and many more.
  • Links to key resources
  • Tech video tutorials
  • Free virus scanner
  • Web TV player
  • Online radio player
  • Access Twitter and Facebook right from the toolbar
  • Technology and world news feeds
  • Handy gadgets:
    - Email notifier
    - Weather notifier
    - Calculator
    - To-do list
    - Quick launch buttons and more.
  • Guaranteed no adware or spyware
  • Easy to uninstall
  • Works in Internet Explorer and Firefox