Toolbar FAQ

Q: I like the extra search functionality of your toolbar, but I can't live without the Page Rank indicator in the Google toolbar. Having both toolbars is a bit unnecessary. Could you add a Page Rank indicator to your toolbar?

A: Technically we could, and we did consider it. We did not include a Page Rank indicator for legal reasons. Page Rank is proprietary information belonging to Google and it is not licensable for use by other software developers. Although the method that the Google toolbar uses to find out the page rank is known, and various browser add-ins and software tools make use of it, they do not have the permission of Google to do so. It is quite likely that Google would take action against a developer that used this knowledge to create a toolbar in direct competition to Google's own.

If you use Firefox (and if you don't use it then why not give it a try) then you can install a Firefox extension such as Live Page Rank that shows the Page Rank in the browser status bar. An alternative is Page Rank Extension for Firefox. However, our own preference is SearchStatus, which displays Page Rank, Alexa ranking and a whole lot more.

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