TK8 Backup

TK8 Backup - the easiest backup tool for your computerTK8 Backup has an easy-to-use interface Backup should be the most important application on your computer. If you value your emails, the documents you have created, the photos or music files you have downloaded, and the time you have spent installing and configuring applications, then you should back them up so they aren't lost when your computer breaks down, or is attacked by a virus or by spyware.

Backups also let you recover accidentally erased files, or restore changes you have made to a file that you would like to reverse.

TK8 Backup is the ideal backup utility for your home or small office computer. It's easy to use, and easy to back up the data you need, when you want. It comes with built-in options to back up your My Documents folder, your Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express emails and many other commonly used folders.

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Using TK8 Backup you create backup tasks or profiles to back up different sets of data. It's most convenient to create separate profiles for different folders, rather than one big backup job.

TK8 Backup has standard options to back up the files you needBackups can be written to hard disk (an external USB hard drive is a good choice), burned to CD or DVD, or even uploaded to an off-site backup server using FTP or sent using email (if they aren't too big!).

Backup files are created using the industry-standard Zip file format. This means that you can easily restore files from a backup by drag and drop from Windows Explorer, using the Windows XP native support for Zip compressed folders, as well as by using TK8 Backup's built-in restore option.

A nice feature is the ability to create self-extracting backups which include an integrated restore wizard. This allows you to restore your files to a new system without having to install TK8 Backup first!

TK8 Backup can run unobtrusively in the system tray, ready to back up your emails or documents with a couple of clicks of the mouse. Alternatively, the integrated scheduler can be used to back up files at specific times. You can also set TK8 Backup to run a backup a set time after a changes have been made in the backup source folder. So once you have set up TK8 Backup you can forget about it! Never forget to do a backup ever again!

TK8 Backup is the perfect solution for backing up your data files. Don't leave it until your hard drive fails or a virus destroys your data. Get the backup habit. Gat TK8 Backup now!

Product Information

Publisher: TK8 Software

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 39.95

Key Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Online tutorials to get you started quickly.
  • Integrated backup options for My Documents, Outlook Express, Address Book, Favorites and more.
  • Full or incremental backups.
  • Backups in industry standard Zip file format, accessible directly using Windows XP Explorer and standard Zip archive tools
  • Burn backups to CD / DVD, upload to FTP server, and even email backup files.
  • Create self-restoring backups with integrated Restore Wizard.
  • Optionally password protect and encrypt backup files.
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