SyncBackSE - the most powerful file synchronizer and backup software SyncBackSE is a powerful and versatile synchronization software that can be used to synchronize folders on two computers, and also as a backup and restore application. Uniquely, it has exceptionally good support for FTP (file transfer protocol) allowing you to synchronise your local hard drive with a remote FTP server. SyncBackSE can update a web server with the latest files from your local copy, and update your local copy with files created by the web server, making it an invaluable tool for anyone who maintains websites. For this reason alone, it has become our synchronization and backup tool of choice, here at Tech-Pro.

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If you need to keep folders on two computers in sync, such as your desktop and your laptop, SyncBackSE can do it. You can synchronise entire folders, or folder trees, but it's easy to exclude certain files or folders from synchronization if needed, using the graphical interface or filter rules - which can use wildcards or a regular expression syntax. The "Smart Sync" option can detect when files have been changed at either or both ends, so that you won't lose work by replacing one changed file with another.

SyncBackSE - suitable for any backup or synchronization task

SyncBackSE is also an excellent backup tool. You can mirror the contents of one folder to another, to create a backup. SyncBackSE handles backing up open files with ease. You can create compressed backup archives in the industry standard Zip format. Use of the Zip64 standard means even the largest files can be backed up safely, and the optional 256-bit AES encryption means that your backups can be kept secure as well.

The remote computer you are backing up to or synchronizing with can be on your local network, or halfway round the world. SyncBackSE has comprehensive support for the Internet File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allowing backup to remote, off-site backup servers. The SSL and TLS protocols are supported, ensuring that your data and account passwords are secure.

SyncBackSE provides good feedback on what files will be transferred, before they are SyncBackSE is also a great tool for maintaining websites. Never again suffer the embarrassment of forgetting to upload a vital file to the web server! SyncBackSE can synchronize your local copy of the site with your web server, ensuring that it is always up to date. It can also ensure that you have a local backup copy of any dynamically created pages, databases, uploaded files, web server logs and so on that are created on the web server.

Unless you're paying premium prices for hosting, it's foolish to rely on your web host for backups, but backing up a site to your own computer using an ADSL connection can be slow and frustrating. Don't waste bandwidth downloading full backups of your entire site: SyncBackSE can save you time and money by transferring only the files that are new or have changed, at either location.

Despite its power, SyncBackSE is very easy to use. A simple wizard-like interface makes it easy to create new backup or synchronization tasks. And SyncBackSE provides great feedback on what files will be copied as a consequence of your selections, so you can feel confident about using it. A simulation mode lets you try out the complete task without touching a single file. And every job displays a preview window showing the differences between the local and remote folders, which you can suppress once you are happy that the program is working as expected.

For expert users, SyncBackSE provides a wealth of options that let you customize its behaviour to suit any need. There are far too many options to mention, but here are a few examples. You can get SyncBackSE to close a particular application before running a backup or synchronize task, or run a program before a task starts or after it finishes. You can create groups of tasks to run as a whole: SyncBackSE is multi-threaded and will run them in parallel if you wish. Powerful scheduling options let you run SyncBackSE in the background to update your backups while you work, or run tasks automatically at set times, or when you shut down the computer.

Don't be put off by the absurdly low price: SyncBackSE is an exceptionally fine piece of software. If the price isn't low enough, the plain sense license agreement lets you install SyncBackSE on up to five computers owned by you and used for personal use. We think SyncBackSE is a tool that no serious computer user should be without. Try it for yourself!

Product Information

Publisher: 2BrightSparks

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 30

Key Features

  • Synchronize folders
  • Mirror backup folders
  • "Smart sync" - mirror changes on both sides
  • Compressed and encrypted backups
  • Zip64 compression
  • Create self-extracting archives
  • Synchronize local folder and FTP server
  • Update and backup websites
  • Supports SSLv2, SSLv3, and TLSv1 encryption and MODE Z compression
  • Backup locked and open files
  • "Fast backup" option
  • Easy and Expert modes
  • Powerful include / exclude filters with regular expression support
  • Simulated "preview" mode
  • Full scheduler
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