Stuffit Deluxe for Mac OS X

iconStuffit Deluxe for Mac OS X is a versatile toolkit of utilities for working with compressed archive files on Apple Macintosh computers. It allows you to open 30 different archive types including Rar archives, create compressed archives in Stuffit, Zip and Tar format, and encrypt archives for privacy.

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Stuffit Deluxe lets you open Zip files, Rar files, 7-Zip files, in fact just about any format of compressed archive that you might download or be sent by email. A great new feature is the ability to peek inside archives and view their contents without first extracting them to a folder. A Mac Finder-like utility lets you search through archives looking for the file you want - a big time-saver.

Stuffit also lets you economize on disk space by creating compressed archives of your own. You can create backup archives of valuable files for safe keeping, zip up files to send your friends for faster emailing, or just archive files to save space. Stuffit's patented image compression technology can reduce the size of JPEG photo images by up to 30% without loss! It also has optimized lossless compressors for PDF and MP3 files.

Stuffit is great as a backup utility. You can back up with admin privileges to save those vital system files you can't normally access, and back up to your MobileMe iDisk, multiple CDs or DVDs, even an FTP server. Files can quickly be restored to their original locations, and a handy TimeMachine feature lets you preview file contents before restoring them.

Strong 512-bit or 256-bit AES encryption protects the contents of your archives from unauthorized access, keeping your personal data away from prying eyes.

If you often send large files to friends or colleagues then you'll find Stuffit Deluxe indispensable. It adds a Stuff & Mail option that compresses small files and automatically attaches them to an email message. Large files (up to 2GB) are compressed and uploaded to a secure site using a service called SendStuffNow and recipients are sent a download link in an email. This feature is exclusive to Stuffit Deluxe, which includes a free subscription to the SendStuffNow service. recommends:
We recommend Stuffit Deluxe for Mac because it is the most full featured archive manager for the Apple Mac. This utility will prove useful in so many ways not just for opening downloaded archives but helping you to manage disk space, back up and protect your data and send files to friends and coworkers.

Product Information

Publisher: Smith Micro

Platform: Mac OS X

Price: $ 49.99

Key Features

  • Open 30 types of compressed archive
  • Create StuffIt, Zip and Tar archives
  • Easily send files up to 2GB to friends and coworkers
  • Create strongly encrypted archives
  • Compress photos by up to 30% with no quality loss
  • Finder-like archive browser
  • Preview archive contents without expanding
  • Powerful backup and restore tool
  • Back up to FTP, MobileMe iDisk or CD and DVD
  • Add, delete and change files in archives
  • Multi-processor and multi-core enabled
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