StartUp Organizer

Startup Organizer - take control of your computer StartUp Organizer is a tool that lets you take control of the programs that run automatically when your computer starts up. It is the most full-featured startup manager for Windows currently available. With its help, you can make your computer start up and run faster by selectively disabling unnecessary startup tasks, and by changing task priorities to give more CPU time to the programs you want to run.

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Take control of the programs that run at startup

StartUp Organizer displays graphically all the processes that Windows runs at startup, from the following locations:

It shows information about each process and whether it is currently running. More information about a process or service - which can help you to identify its purpose - may be obtained by right-clicking and selecting Properties.

Processes may be enabled or disabled by clicking a check box. They can also be organized - copied or moved between different categories - using drag and drop. For example, you can easily move a task from "All Users" so that it is run only by those users who need it.

StartUp Organizer can help protect your computer from viruses, hijackers and spyware. It can warn you when something adds or changes an entry in one of your computer's startup areas. It also checks the validity of other configuration entries that can be changed so as to activate malicious software.

Controlled Startup is a unique feature of StartUp Organizer. It is a set of startup processes that are controlled by Startup Organizer itself. If you drag processes into Controlled Startup, you gain much greater control over how they are run than Windows alone allows you. You can:

The delayed execution feature can be helpful in resolving the annoying Windows XP bug of system tray icons that sometimes fail to appear at startup.

No other startup manager gives you as much control over what your computer does at boot-up than StartUp Organizer. Try it for yourself!

Product Information

Publisher: Metaproducts

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 25

Key Features

  • Makes your computer start up and run faster.
  • Helps protect against viruses, spyware and hijackers.
  • Easily add, remove or disable processes that run at startup.
  • Change process priorities.
  • Control user processes and Windows services from the same user interface.
  • Lets you choose which processes to run at startup.
  • Specify launch order and optional delay between startup processes.
  • Helps resolve the "missing system tray icons" problem.
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