Startup managers

StartUp Organizer

icon StartUp Organizer lets you control the programs that run automatically when your computer starts up. You can make your computer start up and run faster by disabling unnecessary startup tasks, and changing task priorities to give more CPU time to your own programs. It is the most full-featured startup manager for Windows currently available.

Startup Guru

icon Startup Guru gives you control of the programs that start when Windows starts up. It can make your computer start up and run faster. You can add, remove or disable the programs that are launched at start-up, specify a delay before each program is launched, prompt for permission to start a program, or create profiles that specify which programs will be launched.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

iconAdvanced Uninstaller PRO is probably the most powerful Windows uninstaller and cleanup tool on the market. It makes uninstalling software easy. It can completely remove all traces of an installed application, it can help you manage start-up applications and services, and it includes tools to clean up, tune and optimize your PC.