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Startup Guru - control the programs that run at start-up Make Windows start up faster with Startup Guru. Startup Guru is a utility that gives you control of the programs that start when Windows starts up. It can make your computer start up faster so you get to your desktop quicker, by giving you control over what programs Windows will load. Through its easy to use interface, you can add, remove or disable the programs that are launched at start-up. Startup Guru can also take control of the start-up process, allowing you to specify a delay before each program is launched, prompt for permission to start a program, or create profiles that specify which programs will be launched.

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Startup Guru helps you take control of all the programs Windows runs at start-up

StartUp Guru displays a list of the programs that Windows runs at startup. If you aren't sure what a particular item is, an information panel displays some useful details. You can temporarily disable individual programs from running by clearing a check box, or delete them altogether. You can also use Startup Guru to add programs to the start-up list.

What sets Startup Guru apart from most other start-up managers is its ability to take over the launch process and give you extra control features that Windows doesn't offer. You can specify a delay before each program is started, or have it ask if a program should be run at all. You can even create multiple start-up profiles such as "Work" and "Play", which you can select at boot time, which specify the set of programs that are to be launched. By reducing the initial workload that is normally created by Windows trying to start everything at once, your desktop is loaded quicker, and you aren't kept waiting until you can use the computer.

The delayed launch feature also allows you to control the order that system tray icons are created, and can be used to work around the annoying Windows XP bug where tray icons sometimes fail to show up.

Startup Guru also provides a convenient way to manage your Internet Explorer browser add-ins and toolbars. There's a choice of skins to customize the program's appearance, too.

Product Information

Publisher: Lincoln Beach

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 19.95

Key Features

  • Makes your computer start up and run faster.
  • Easily add, remove or disable processes that run at startup.
  • Easily add, remove or disable Internet Explorer add-ins.
  • Remove adware and spyware.
  • Choose which processes to run at startup.
  • Specify delay before processes are started.
  • Create profiles specifying which programs to run at start-up.
  • Helps resolve the "missing system tray icons" problem.
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