Spotmau PowerSuite Golden

boxshot Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is the ultimate Windows troubleshooting toolkit. It contains Spotmau BootSuite, the indispensable boot CD that enables even beginners to fix problems that prevent Windows from starting, and Spotmau PowerSuite, a powerful collection of system maintenance and tune-up utilities that will give your PC a health check, help keep it running at peak performance and prepare it for the worst misfortunes that may happen.

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The unique benefit of Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is the bootable CD that lets you solve many of the problems that prevent Windows from starting. For many users that is a show-stopper, because if you can't get into Windows you can't do anything. Even if you're confident enough to follow online support articles, they assume that you can use the Windows Recovery Console, a command line you can access after booting from a Windows install DVD. But most people don't have a Windows DVD, just a recovery partition provided by the computer manufacturer that lets you restore the original system wiping out all your data. So if Windows won't start, Spotmau PowerSuite Golden may be the only way to avoid a total system restore!

You can use the Spotmau boot disk to repair Windows start-up files, restore the registry, repair the partition table, reinstall Windows and many other repair and recovery tasks. If your computer can boot from CD you can run the Spotmau boot CD and solve start-up problems with a few clicks of the mouse.

Besides this you get an invaluable suite of tools to install on your hard drive that allow you to carry out many other system maintenance and repair tasks. These include as cloning your hard drive to create an immediate backup, partitioning and formatting drives, encrypting or permanently erasing data you don't want others to find, recovering lost passwords, removing spyware popups and toolbars and optimizing your system. This is one toolkit no Windows PC user should be without!

ssIf your system is so badly damaged that it can't be repaired, Spotmau PowerSuite Golden includes tools that will let you rescue your data by copying it to a safe location such as an external hard drive, so that you can reinstall Windows.

Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is menu driven and easy to use. Even complete beginners can carry out technical repairs that would normally require the services of an experienced computer expert. The tutorials listed below show how simple it is to solve some of the problems that often prevent users from accessing their computer:

Note: Because this product includes a bootable CD, a trial version is not available. Using the Buy Now button on the right, you can purchase an electronically delivered product to burn the CD yourself, plus an option to receive the product on CD for an extra $ 4.75. This CD will be shipped the next business day, from California USA. If you do not require the CD, simply remove it from the shopping cart. recommends:
We recommend Spotmau PowerSuite Golden because it is an effective computer troubleshooting utility that enables non-technical users to overcome many difficult technical issues that can affect their computer. It also includes many useful tools to keep your computer working well and protect your data from problems that may occur in future.

Product Information

Publisher: Spotmau

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 69.95

Key Features

  • Repair unbootable Windows installations
  • Reinstall Windows
  • Repair Internet Explorer
  • Remove browser popups and toolbars
  • Remove unwanted startup programs
  • Reset Windows admin and user passwords
  • Find email account and MSN passwords
  • Reveal passwords shown as ****
  • Find Microsoft Windows and Office product keys
  • Erase activity records
  • Encrypt folders to protect private files
  • Permanently erase files
  • Wipe all data from the hard drive
  • Rescue from corrupt drive
  • Recover deleted files
  • Create and delete partitions
  • Format, resize and hide partitions
  • Convert FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS partitions
  • Back up and restore partition table
  • Repair Master Boot Record (MBR)
  • Scan disk for bad sectors
  • View raw disk data
  • Clone hard disk
  • Supports IDE, ATA, SCSI and USB hard drives
  • Uses Windows PE technology - works on any computer that can run Windows
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Users say

  • "It's highly useful even if Windows doesn't load."