Spotmau Windows Password Finder

iconSpotmau Windows Password Finder is an easy to use tool to recover your lost Windows Administrator password. It works with all versions of Windows including 64-bit versions. It is a bootable CD (you can download an .ISO file and burn it yourself, or have it mailed on CD for a nominal extra cost) which can be used even if you are locked out of your computer!

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Imagine what will happen if you can't remember your Windows Administrator password! You will lose all your important files and settings of your computer as you will have to install everything again. Spotmau Windows Password Finder helps you to easily recover the forgotten password. With a few mouse clicks you can easily find the original password or reset it to blank.

If you can't access your computer then buy Spotmau Windows Password Finder now ! There is no easier way to restore access to your computer!

Product Information

Publisher: Spotmau Corporation

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Powerful and Easy to use
  • Recover or reset lost Windows Administrator Password
  • Works with all versions of Windows
  • Works with 64-bit Windows
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