iconSpeedUpMyPC is a system tuning tool that automatically tunes and optimizes your computer settings to deliver the best possible performance. With just a few clicks you can fine tune your hardware, software and Internet settings and make your computer run faster and more stable. It also helps to protect your online privacy.

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SpeedUpMyPC automatically carries out the housekeeping and optimization tasks needed for speed and stability, at the click of a button. Just click "Start Scan" and after a couple of minutes it will report the tasks that need to be carried out to keep your computer at optimum performance. The actions it can take include removing junk files to save disk space, clearing sensitive files to protect your privacy, optimizing various Windows and Internet settings for best performance, and tweaking start-up settings to speed up Windows load time.

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You can review the changes SpeedUpMyPC suggests you make, and apply them selectively, or you can make the changes all in one go. SpeedUpMyPC can be set up to run automatically at start-up, to help you keep your computer always in tip-top shape.

screenshotSpeedUpMyPC has a graphical CPU resource monitor that shows you how much of your computer's power you are using. If resources are limited, SpeedUpMyPC lets you apportion them where they are most needed. So you can give more processor power to performance-hungry games and multimedia applications, and less to non-urgent background tasks.

If your computer is slow to load your desktop, SpeedUpMyPC can optimize your startup tasks and help you remove inessential tasks so your desktop comes up quicker. The network and Windows tweaks will improve browsing and general operating system performance so your computer feels just that bit faster.

SpeedUpMyPC doesn't work magic, and it isn't snake oil. It just automates and helps you carry out the kind of good housekeeping tasks that computer experts do themselves to ensure they always are getting the best from their computers. Try SpeedUpMyPC today. It could be the next best thing to an upgrade.

Product Information

Publisher: Uniblue

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Monitor processor, memory, disk and Internet use in real time.
  • Optimize processor usage by assigning different priority levels to applications.
  • Optimize Internet connection settings for the fastest downloads.
  • Optimize browser settings to speed up load times.
  • Manage background tasks to improve Windows startup time and general performance.
  • Manage CPU priority levels to optimize performance for games and other critical applications.
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