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Registry Mechanic - get your computer working like newRegistry Mechanic can speed up your computer and make it work more reliably by removing redundant and incorrect information from the registry. An attractive and well-designed interface makes this registry cleaner easy to use. Registry Mechanic is widely regarded as the best registry cleaner. It is trusted by more users than any other product in its class.

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Every change you make to your system, and every program that you add or remove, makes changes to the registry. Software that is uninstalled almost always leaves behind entries in the registry, which don't just waste space, but which may point to files that no longer exist. This can lead to unstable operation and unexpected error messages.

Registry Mechanic has three principal actions:

Safety is an important attribute of any registry cleaner, and Registry Mechanic is second to none in this respect. Under Windows XP you can choose to create a restore point before scanning or compacting the registry, allowing any changes to be easily reversed. In addition, Registry Mechanic backs up every change it makes, allowing each individual change to be reversed if needed.

A unique feature in this class of product is Registry Mechanic's Live Update option (not available in the demo version). This allows Registry Mechanic to update itself to the latest version. Updates ensure that your copy of Registry Mechanic knows how to fix the greatest number of registry errors in complete safety.

Why is registry maintenance important?

The Windows registry is the central store for all hardware and software configuration settings on your computer. It's like a huge database, controlling the workings of your computer, and it is accessed hundreds of times a second, so performance is important.

Registry entries commonly get left behind when software is uninstalled or upgraded. These entries may point to files that no longer exist, or they may simply be incorrect. If Windows or an application tries to use this invalid information, it may display an error message or crash. Periodic registry maintenance plays a vital role in keeping your computer stable, and can speed up Windows' internal processes by giving faster access to valid information.

Over a period of time, the data in the registry becomes disorganized and fragmented. Regular use of a maintenance tool to compact and defragment the registry ensures that Windows has the fastest possible access to the information it needs - so your computer runs better! recommends:
We recommend Registry Mechanic because it is the best registry cleaner on the market and can be trusted to do a thorough job without causing problems.

Product Information

Publisher: PC Tools

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Repair invalid registry entries that are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages
  • Optimize your system by compacting the wasted space and gaps in the registry
  • Improve system performance and stability by removing orphaned references
  • Checks your hard drive for invalid and incorrect program shortcuts
  • Backs up any registry change made by Registry Mechanic
  • Unlimited free upgrades and e-mail technical support for one year
  • The world's most popular registry cleaner!
  • One license protects up to 3 computers
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