Why Registry Maintenance is Important

The registry is the place where Windows keeps information about all the software installed on your computer as well as its settings. The information in the registry can easily get out of step with the state of your computer. This often occurs when uninstalling software, but it can also happen when installing or updating software, using System Restore or making other configuration changes.

Errors in the registry may go undetected for some time. They may never be detected at all. But if that invalid information is accessed, the effects can be unpredictable and hard to diagnose. That's why it is wise to check the registry at regular intervals and fix any errors before they have a chance to cause any trouble.

Many registry errors will not cause any serious problems. For example, quite often when you remove a program from your computer, registry data that says the program is still present is not completely removed. If you try to open a file of the type associated with the missing program, Windows will use the incorrect registry data and complain that the program cannot be found. This is annoying but not a disaster.

However, if an application tries to use features that the registry claims are present, but which are not, then it may crash. Your web browser may run slowly or freeze because registry entries refer to missing plug-ins. These are just two examples of the many ways in which errors in the registry may affect the operation of your computer so it does not perform as well as it should.

Checking the Registry

To safeguard against these problems, it is a good idea to check your computer's registry on a regular basis. Check it once a week, and additionally just before installing any new software and just after removing it. This will help to keep your computer running better and avoid potential problems with software installations by eliminating any errors that may have occurred.

One of the registry checkers that we recommend is Registry Booster. It's easy to use and quick, and gives you an immediate indication of whether there are any problems with the registry on your computer. You can use Registry Booster to scan your system FREE. So if no problems are detected it will have cost you nothing.

Remember, not all registry errors will cause an immediate problem. It's up to you whether to fix them or not. Whatever you decide, we do strongly advise that you only try one of the registry cleaners we have tested and recommended. There are some poor, ineffectual products on the market that are a waste of money. There are also some products which are often raved about by reviewers and enthusiasts for being especially thorough. That might seem like a good thing. Unfortunately they are sometimes a bit too aggressive and often remove data from the Registry that is actually still needed, which can result in serious trouble.

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