Registry Booster 2010

iconThe state of your computer's registry is critical for the stability, performance and correct operation of your Windows PC and its applications. Registry Booster 2010 is an easy to use application that can quickly clean and optimize the registry so your computer runs as well as it possibly can.

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Registry Booster - fast and easy to use registry cleaner

The registry is the place where Windows and other programs store all their configuration settings. If your computer has been used for a while, then you will be amazed how much redundant or incorrect information is in the registry. This unwanted data wastes space, slows performance and causes instability and error messages!. How many errors are there in your registry?

Registry Booster scans your computer and displays a list of problems found. In our tests, most of the errors that Registry Booster found related to registry entries created by software that had been uninstalled a long time ago! You may find it surprising that software which has been correctly uninstalled leaves so many traces in a computer, but sadly this is normal. Program uninstallers rarely remove all the changes they make, which is one reason why computers seem to run slower and slower as they get older.

With Registry Booster, fixing registry problems is a simple matter of clicking Repair Registry. By default, Registry Booster creates a backup of the registry before making any changes, but you can also create a backup manually. Backups are a vital safeguard, and we would never recommend using any registry cleaner that did not have a backup capability. In rare cases, a registry entry that appears invalid may have a useful purpose, and you will only discover this when something goes wrong after running a registry clean. Having a backup means that you can easily restore the registry to its original state if you notice any unexpected behavior after registry cleaning.

Registry Booster also allows you to defragment the registry. As with the Disk Defragmenter provided by Windows, the effect of this is to compact the registry by removing all the unused space within each registry file, making it smaller and faster to access. After cleaning, when a large number of redundant entries have been removed, this can make quite a difference, because the registry is constantly being accessed by your computer, dozens of times a second.

Registry Booster is a valuable tool that can help solve PC problems and keep your computer running at peak performance. After running the registry cleaner and defragmenter our test computers seemed to boot up and run just a little bit faster. And it's nice to know that all the redundant and incorrect information is no longer taking up space and creating potential errors.

If you would like to know more about the registry, read our article The Windows Registry.

Product Information

Publisher: Uniblue

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Easy to use registry cleaner.
  • Automatic registry scan.
  • Checks all areas of the registry, including:
    - User Software settings;
    - System Software settings;
    - Startup Software settings;
    - File Associations;
    - System Drivers;
    - Shared Components;
    - ActiveX, OLE and COM sections;
    - System Sounds and App Events;
    - Uninstall sections;
    - Help section.
  • Detailed error descriptions.
  • Automatic or manual removal.
  • Automatic backup before scan.
  • Backup history.
  • One-click restore of backup.
  • Registry defragmenter.
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