RAID Recovery

iconRAID Recovery is a data recovery tool that can repair corrupted RAID arrays and recover data from those that are badly damaged. It's powerful yet easy to use, and also one of the least expensive RAID recovery software on the market.

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RAID Recovery automatically determines the correct RAID configuration

If your computer or server cannot start because of a problem with the RAID disk array, RAID Recovery could be your salvation. If the metadata was damaged, so that the controller does not know the correct order of the disks in the array, or what the stripe size is, RAID Recovery can repair it. RAID Recovery can also recover lost data if one or two disks are damaged (depending on RAID type) or if the Dynamic Disk database is damaged (in Windows native software RAID.)

RAID Recovery will normally detect automatically the correct configuration of the drives in the array. If not, you can specify the configuration yourself and rearrange the drives using drag and drop. You can then repair the array, if the data was simply corrupted, or else recover the data to a new location.

Data recovery is performed using a Windows Explorer-like interface, complete with task pane on the left. RAID Recovery uses DiskInternals' Power Search Technology to detect and recover more than 160 different file types. Recoverable files can be previewed before recovery to help identify the files and verify that they can be recovered intact. What you see is what you get. The software also has powerful search tools to let you locate quickly the most important data files.

RAID Recovery offers an unrivalled range of options for saving the recovered data. Files may be saved to any drive accessible by Windows. You can also burn them direct to CD or DVD using a built-in burning engine that does not write temporary files to the drive being recovered. Another option is to upload your recovered files to an FTP server or network attached storage device.

If you are in a hurry to reconfigure your RAID array and get it up and running again, RAID Recovery can create a snapshot image of the recovered array which can be opened using any of the DiskInternals data recovery tools to allow important files to be recovered at a later date.

Product Information

Publisher: DiskInternals Research

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 249.95

Key Features

  • Repair corrupted RAID arrays
  • Recover data from damaged disks
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, NTFS 4 and NTFS 5
  • Recover over 160 different types of files, including photos, music, videos, text and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Save recovered files to any drive, burn to CD or upload to FTP server.
  • Create drive and partition images for later recovery.
  • WYSIWYG preview of popular file types.
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