Privacy Guardian

Privacy Guardian - keep your private information private Privacy Guardian is an easy to use software tool that helps you keep your contacts, bank and credit card details, passwords, online activities and other personal information private. When you use your computer, it logs information that would enable someone to find out exactly what you were doing. When you delete a file, the data it contained still exists and can easily be recovered. Privacy Guardian erases all this information so that it is truly, completely unrecoverable.

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When you use the Internet, your computer logs information and keeps copies of files that show exactly what you were doing. It does this, not to spy on you, but for reasons of performance and convenience, so that you can call up a site that you recently visited from a history list and view it without re-downloading all the data. If you don't want those tracks to be kept, Windows doesn't provide any way to completely erase them. To do that, you need Privacy Guardian.

Privacy Guardian also knows how other applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Kazaa, ICQ and many others store tracks of activity, and is able to delete these, too.

But Privacy Guardian is not just for people who want to keep their Internet activities a secret. You could be surprised at just how much information is kept by your computer and how long it is kept for.

Protect personal information

Letters and emails you have written and received containing personal information, passwords and other details, photos you have seen and other files you have created or downloaded are not erased when you delete them, not even when you empty the Recycle Bin! Most files are easily recoverable using a simple data recovery utility like Uneraser. Data recovery experts have access to even more powerful tools to regenerate deleted data. Privacy Guardian uses military grade methods to completely wipe data from the disk space formerly occupied by deleted files so that their contents cannot be recovered, not even using special equipment.

Privacy Guardian installs an electronic shredder on your desktopFor complete security, you need to run Privacy Guardian at frequent intervals, to erase all traces of files that have been deleted using normal methods. You can run it automatically, or at regular intervals using its built-in scheduler. Privacy Guardian also installs a Shredder on your desktop. Like the Recycle Bin, you can delete files by dragging and dropping files to the Shredder icon. Unlike the Recycle Bin, files deleted using the Shredder are completely erased and left totally unrecoverable.

Whether you're selling your computer, or simply don't want other members of the family to find out what you have been doing, Privacy Guardian will help keep your personal information and activities private, forever. Try it today!

Product Information

Publisher: PC Tools

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Cleans all traces of online Internet activity, history information and other sensitive data.
  • Supports all popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Opera.
  • Cleans activity tracks from over 50 applications including AOL, Kazaa, ICQ, iMesh.
  • Completely removes information from unused disk space using military grade methods, making this information completely unrecoverable.
  • Recovers valuable disk space and improves system performance.
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