Privacy and encryption software

Privacy Guardian

Privacy Guardian - keep your private information privatePrivacy Guardian installs an electronic shredder on your desktopPrivacy Guardian is a utilitythat helps you keep your contacts, bank and credit card details, online activities and other personal information private. Privacy Guardian erases all traces of your Internet activities and wipes the contents of deleted files so that your personal data is completely unrecoverable.

CyberScrub KeyChain

CyberScrub KeyChain iconCyberScrub KeyChain  is a password safe that securely stores your online passwords, personal details and credit card information. All data is strongly encrypted and accessed using a single master password, and automatically entered into web pages.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite Professional

CyberScrub Privacy Suite iconCyberScrub Privacy Suite protects your privacy by erasing data that could reveal what you have been doing with your computer. It ensures that erased files cannot be recovered even by forensic technicians using specialized recovery tools. The suite of tools offers many ways to protect your sensitive information. A simple wizard interface makes it easy to use even by beginners.