Photos Forever

iconHard drives are not forever! We so often hear heartbreaking stories of precious photos being lost because of a hard disk crash. Those irreplaceable memories of that family occasion, or children growing up, totally lost!

Don't risk it happening to you. Photos Forever is an inexpensive, easy to use backup software especially for photos. You can easily make copies on CD or DVD to keep forever in just two easy steps!

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Photos Forever has been designed so that literally anyone can use it. You don't even have to know where on your hard drive your photos are kept! Photos Forever will search your computer and find all your images for you. You then select the pictures that you want to back up.


Next, you put a blank CD or DVD in your burner and start the backup. You don't have to worry about how much space your pictures will take or whether they will all fit. Photos Forever will play a sound to alert you when a disc is full. You can then put in another CD or DVD and continue with the backup.

When then backup has finished, Photos Forever will offer to print out an index with thumbnail images of every photo so you know which picture is on which disc. This will make it easy to find the pictures you want in years to come. In fact, it's probably easier than it is to find them now, on your hard drive!

Don't risk the anguish of losing precious photos to a hard drive crash. Don't waste valuable time hunting for that photo you know you took. Get Photos Forever, the essential utility for every digital camera user.

Product Information

Publisher: Acoustica

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 14.95

Key Features

  • Back up your photos in two easy steps
  • No typing needed, just click, click, click
  • Automatically locates the photos on your hard drive
  • Back up to CD or DVD
  • Prints a handy index with thumbnails showing where your photos are stored
  • Backup discs will play in any DVD player with Photo CD support
  • Supports JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG and RAW formatted images
  • Really inexpensive
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