PC Tools AntiVirus

PC Tools AntiVirusPC Tools, makers of the award-winning Spyware Doctor, now has a complementary anti-virus. With a simple, easy to use interface that will be familiar to users of other PC Tools products, PC Tools AntiVirus offers protection you can depend on at an affordable price. One license can be used to protect up to three computers!

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PC Tools AntiVirus

PC Tools AntiVirus provides effective virus protection with no frills. It passes the industry benchmark VB100 and NCSA scanner performance tests. The on-demand scanner can be run manually, or at scheduled times. It offers a full scan which checks everything and a custom scan that lets you specify which folders to scan to save time. The scanner doesn't slow your computer much so it won't stop you doing something else while it runs.

The real-time scanner alerts you as soon as a virus arrivesPC Tools AntiVirus also has a real-time virus scanner that checks files as soon as they are written to disk or opened. This will alert you as soon as any virus arrives. Unlike other anti-virus products, PC Tools AntiVirus doesn't scan emails or web downloads while they are being downloaded. This is no disadvantage as any virus must be written to disk - when it will be detected by the real-time virus monitor - before it can do anything bad. In fact we consider it a plus, as email and web scanners slow Internet performance and are often the cause of mysterious, hard-to-solve errors.

PC Tools AntiVirus includes a powerful heuristic detector called ThreatExpert that provides the ability to alert you about new, unknown viruses. Another good point is that updates are automatic, small - so they won't monopolize your internet connection - and frequent - you can check for updates every 30 minutes if you want.

If a virus is found, it can be quarantined or removed. PC Tools AntiVirus doesn't give you the option to cure an infected file, but if a Microsoft Office document is infected by a macro virus then the macros can be removed.

The price is for a one year renewable license. The software may be used to protect up to three computers.

Product Information

Publisher: PC Tools

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • VB100 and NCSA rated scanning performance
  • Fast, configurable on-demand scanning
  • Real-time monitor for instant virus alerts
  • Quarantine or remove infected files
  • Small updates - ideal for modem users
  • Ultra low resource usage - perfect for older PCs and laptops
  • One license protects up to three computers
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