Partition Recovery Boot CD

iconThe master boot record (MBR) and partition table are the first things your computer reads when it accesses a hard drive at boot-up. If they are missing or corrupted then it won't be able to find any of your data. If the drive is your boot drive then Windows (or any other operating system) won't start. Partition Recovery Boot CD is an easy to use tool that lets you quickly recover or repair the partition table and boot records to get your PC working again.

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Recover your boot drive with Partition Table Doctor Boot CD

Partition Recovery Boot CD is a version of Partition Table Doctor that runs from a boot disc. It is different entirely from Partition Recovery, which runs under Windows. You can download a demo that lets you try it out but does not write changes to your hard drive. To actually repair your drive you must buy the full version.

Both demo and full versions are supplied as a small (2MB) .iso file which you must burn to CD using any working computer. An .iso file is an image of a complete CD and must be burned using software that can burn CD images. If your existing CD burning software can't do this then we recommend ImgBurn.

The Partition Recovery Boot CD is simplicity itself to use. Just put the CD you created in the drive and start up the computer. In many cases Partition Table Doctor will automatically detect the error and offer to fix it. If not, you can run all the options described below manually.

If no partitions are visible, select Operations, Rebuild Partition Table. Choose Automatic mode, and Partition Table Doctor will search the entire hard drive and create a new partition table containing the partitions it discovers. This will work in most cases, but in the event that the program discovers invalid partitions - such as traces of a partition that had previously been deleted - you can use Interactive mode which lets you choose the partitions to keep. After saving the changes, remove the Partition Recovery Boot CD from the drive, restart the computer and everything should be working again!

If your partitions exist but the computer won't boot, you can use the Rebuild MBR option to write a new master boot record to the very first data block on the hard drive. Each partition also has its own boot sector, without which the drive cannot be accessed correctly. Partition Recovery Boot CD has a Fixboot option that can be used to repair this.

Partition Recovery Boot CD includes tools to help protect your hard disk partitions in case the partition table is damaged in future. You can save the partition table to a file on another disk, and restore it from the saved file if it gets corrupted. There are also tools to hide a partition or make it active, and perform a surface test to see if the hard drive itself is in good condition.

For experts Partition Recovery Boot CD has options to view and edit the properties of a partition, and even a disk sector editor that allows you to edit raw data anywhere on the hard disk. Use with care!

Partition Recovery Boot CD is a valuable tool that can get your computer working again when a drive disappears or your PC won't boot. However it is not a full data recovery tool. If the file system within a partition has also been corrupted then your data files may still not be accessible. In that case you will need a product such as Data Rescue PC (runs from a boot CD) or Partition Recovery (runs under Windows) to recover as much of it as possible.

Product Information

Publisher: Easeus

Platform: Windows, Linux

Price: $ 35.95

Key Features

  • Recover lost and deleted disk partitions
  • Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3 and Swap partitions
  • Rebuild partition table
  • Repair master boot record (MBR)
  • Fix boot sectors
  • Hide and make active partitions
  • Back up and restore partition table
  • Runs from CD - use when your computer won't boot
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