Partition Master Professional

iconPartition Master Professional (formerly Partition Manager Professional) is an easy to use yet powerful disk partitioning utility that lets you create, delete, format, resize and move disk partitions to make the best use of your available disk space. It's an inexpensive alternative to tools like Norton Partition Magic™.

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Partition Manager Professional is easy to use

The user interface of Partition Master Professional is intuitively easy to use for anyone familiar with Windows Explorer. Besides a menu and toolbar that allow operations to be selected, there is a context sensitive action panel that shows the operations possible on the selected disk or partition, together with a list of operations pending. You will also see a graphical map of each disk, and a list of the partitions and available space on the selected drive. Context sensitive help is available for every operation, as well as a PDF manual.

Using Partition Master Professional you can try out different operations and see their effect without making changes to the hard disk. The operations are held in the pending list, and can be removed on a last-in first-out basis using Undo. Changes are made to your hard drive when you click Apply.

Partitions can be moved or resized by dragging the boundaries on the graphical map. Alternatively you can set absolute boundaries or sizes for partitions through the menu. You can also create, delete, format, hide and unhide partitions. Other operations you can perform include changing the name (label) of a partition, setting the active partition (the one the computer will boot from) and changing a partition's drive letter.

You can run Partition Master Professional from within Windows or from a bootable CD. You can create the boot CD yourself, directly from the application's Tool menu, using your own CD burner. The bootable version looks and works just like the Windows version, and allows you to make changes that affect the Windows partition itself, or to set up partitions on a drive on which Windows has not been installed or where the disk has been corrupted and Windows won't boot.

Partition Master Professional works with Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home and Professional and Windows Vista. If you need to manage partitions on Windows servers then you need the Partition Master Server Edition.

Partition Master Professional does not support Linux ext2, ext3 and swap partitions, making it a less than ideal choice for users who wish to dual-boot Windows and Linux. But if you only use Windows it everything you need to make the most effective use of disk space by partitioning your computer's hard drive according to your needs. Try it now!

Product Information

Publisher: Easeus

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 39.95

Key Features

  • Intuitive Windows Explorer-like interface
  • Runs under Windows or from boot CD
  • Create, delete, format, move, resize, hide, show, label and set active partitions
  • Change partition drive letters
  • Supports FAT and NTFS drives
  • Convert FAT to NTFS
  • Explore FAT and NTFS partitions
  • Works with IDE, ATA, SCSI, Firewire and USB hard drives of 2GB - 1TB capacity
  • Supports:
    - Windows 2000 Prof. SP4
    - Windows XP Home
    - Windows XP Professional
    - Windows XP Prof. x64
    - Windows Vista
    - Windows Vista x64
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