Partition Master Server Edition

iconPartition Master Server Edition is a powerful disk partitioning utility for systems administrators and anyone who needs to partition drives on Windows servers. It lets you easily and safely create, delete, format, resize and move disk partitions to make the best use of disk space.

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Partition manager for Windows servers

Partition Master Server Edition is easy to use. The Windows Explorer-like interface shows clearly what partitioning options are available. You see a graphical map of each disk, and a list of the partitions and available space on the selected drive. There is context sensitive help is available for every operation.

Partition Master Server Edition lets you try out different partitioning operations and see their effect before making those changes to the hard disk. You can easily undo any operations before they are committed to the disk, which only occurs when you select Apply.

Partitions can be moved or resized visually, or using a dialog box to specify the exact cylinder boundaries. NTFS partitions can be extended without rebooting the system. Partition Master Server Edition can also create, delete, format, hide and unhide partitions. You can change the volume label of a partition, set a partition to active and change a partition's drive letter, and copy Dynamic Disks to basic disks.

Partition Master Server Edition includes an .iso file from which you can create a Partition Master boot CD. The boot CD version has virtually the same functionality as the Windows version but allows you to work on systems on which Partition Master Server Edition has not itself been installed. The boot disc is also an invaluable aid for fixing problems when a disk has been corrupted and Windows won't boot.

Partition Master Server Edition supports Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows XP Home and Professional, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista, including 64-bit versions.

Product Information

Publisher: Easeus

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 199.95

Key Features

  • Windows Explorer-like interface
  • Runs under Windows or from boot CD
  • Create, delete, format, move, resize, hide, show, label and set active partitions
  • Extend NTFS partition without rebooting
  • Copy Dynamic Disks
  • Change partition drive letters
  • Convert FAT to NTFS
  • Explore NTFS and FAT partitions
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS4 and NTFS5
  • Supports IDE, ATA, SCSI, Firewire and USB hard drives
  • Supports drives up to 2TB
  • Supports:
    - Windows 2000 Prof. SP4
    - Windows 2000 Server SP4
    - Windows 2000 Adv. Server SP4
    - Windows XP Home
    - Windows XP Professional
    - Windows XP Prof. x64
    - Windows Server 2003 Std
    - Windows Server 2003 Ent
    - Windows Server 2003 x64 Std
    - Windows Server 2003 x64 Ent
    - Windows Vista
    - Windows Vista x64
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