Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2010 Suite

iconParagon Hard Disk Manager is the ultimate disk management suite that will help you protect, maintain and manage your computer. It includes everything you need to back up, restore, optimize, copy, migrate, recover and wipe date from your computer hard drives.

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Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a complete set of tools covering the following tasks:

It includes simple wizards that make it easy for even complete beginners to use, whilst providing powerful tools for more advanced users.

phdm-2.gif, 11 kBThe disk partitioning tools allow you to create, format, check, delete, hide, unhide, mark as active and assign drive letters to partitions. You can also resize, copy and undelete partitions. If a drive seems to be failing you can perform an integrity check or a full surface test. There is a low level disk editor for advanced users, and a tool to modify and repair master boot records (MBR). There is also a boot manager, allowing you to easily install and boot different operating systems.

Powerful backup and cloning tools allow you to protect your data by making copies on other drives. Backups can be compressed to save space and encrypted to keep the contents secure. You can back up to all kinds of media including CD, DVD and external drives.

The all-important restore functions have been equally well thought out. Partition backups can be restored with resize - valuable when restoring to a new drive of a different capacity to the original. You can create bootable recovery CDs allowing data to be restored without needing to install a working Windows environment first. Individual files can be extracted from backup archives - invaluable when you find you have accidentally deleted a file.

The powerful disk defragmenter is much faster and more effective than the one provided by Microsoft, and works with as little as 1% of free space available. When you come to dispose of your PC, the disk wiping tools will ensure that your personal data does not fall into other hands. recommends:
We recommend Paragon Hard Disk Manager because it contains a number of must-have disk management tools including an excellent backup program and is extremely good value for money.

Product Information

Publisher: Paragon Software

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 49.95

Key Features

  • Back up your entire PC, including the operating system, applications, settings and data
  • Restore the entire PC in minutes, without reinstalling Windows
  • Easy recovery, even if Windows won't boot
  • Partition your hard drives to make best use of space
  • Run multiple operating systems
  • Move data between drives and partitions
  • Fast defragmentation utility for maximum performance
  • Clone an old drive or partition to a new one
  • Easily add additional hard drives
  • Securely erase your deleted data
  • Available for Windows 64-bit
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