icon OfficeFIX quickly and easily repairs damaged Microsoft Office documents. It can recover files from corrupted Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Access and make them readable again. It can also recover data deleted in error from these files. OfficeFIX an essential tool for Microsoft Office users that can save hours or even days of work when an important document is corrupted.

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OfficeFIX - repair Word, Excel, Outlook and Access documents

OfficeFIX is a software bundle containing Cimaware's leading Microsoft Office repair products: WordFIX, ExcelFIX, OutlookFIX and AccessFIX. It is sold in a number of different versions, for both personal and professional users. All versions include the Microsoft Word and Excel repair tools, plus optionally the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Access repair software. OfficeFIX Platinum includes all four tools. This Microsoft Office repair software supports files created by all versions of Microsoft Office and is used and recommended by Microsoft itself.

WordFIX repairs damaged documents that display garbage or cannot be loaded into Microsoft Word. It is one of the few Microsoft Word recovery tools that can recover documents complete with all original formatting. If a document is badly damaged WordFIX lets you recover the text so you can create a new document and reformat it.

ExcelFIX repairs damaged spreadsheets that cannot be opened in Microsoft Excel. It can recover all kinds of corruption including charts, formulas, external references, comments, outlines and embedded images.

OutlookFIX is a powerful email recovery program that can restore Microsoft Outlook email and repair PST files that give an error on opening. OutlookFIX can also recover data that was deleted in error, and can compress PST files that have become too large for Microsoft Outlook to open.

AccessFIX repairs Microsoft Access databases (MDB files). It recovers tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, relations, indexes, field properties and all field types including Memo and OLE fields. It can also recover tables and records that have been deleted in error. recommends:
We recommend OfficeFIX because it is an easy to use tool that can repair damaged Microsoft Office documents and making them readable again.

Product Information

Developer: Cimaware

Platform: Windows

Price: from $ 159

Key Features

  • Easy to use repair software
  • Repair damaged Microsoft Word documents
  • Repair damaged Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Repair damaged Microsoft Outlook message stores
  • Repair damaged Microsoft Access databases
  • Supports all versions of Microsoft Office
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