NTFS Recovery

icon NTFS Recovery is data recovery software that makes it easy to recover files from drives or partitions formatted using NTFS - the file system used for hard drives in most computers running Windows NT 4, Windows 2000 or Windows XP today. This is not just a deleted files recovery tool. It can recover files from a disk that has been damaged or corrupted, reformatted or repartitioned, even if Windows itself doesn't recognize it. For this, you need a lower level data recovery tool: DiskInternals NTFS Recovery. (For partitions formatted using a FAT file system, use DiskInternals FAT Recovery instead.)

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NTFS Recovery has a familiar Windows Explorer-style look and a Wizard-based interface, so - unlike many comparable products - it is very easy to use. When the program starts, you select the drive you wish to recover data from, click Next and wait while the software searches for recoverable files. You can see a thumbnail preview of many file types, such as image files. To recover the files, just specify where to save them.

New! Data recovery boot CD

Now you can create a boot CD and run recovery tools without risk of overwriting the hard drive. You can even recover files from drives that are unreadable. More information...

NTFS Recovery lets you create an image of the drive or partition you wish to recover, just like a data recovery professional. This image can be mounted just like a normal drive, and files can be recovered from it.

Create an image, then reformat the drive and get your computer running again. You can recover your files later at your leisure! The saved image is also useful if you recover just the files you think you need, and then discover later that other essential files are missing. Another advantage of using an image is that it protects the original drive from the possibility of further damage or accidentally overwriting your data whilst you are trying to recover it.

Exclusive to DiskInternals! Direct to CD data recovery

Recovered files must never be saved to the same drive they were recovered from, because of the risk of overwriting the lost data in the process. You should always use a different drive, such as an external drive or network drive. Saving to CD using standard CD writing software creates temporary files on the hard drive, so that is no solution.

NTFS Recovery offers Direct to CD recovery. Recovered files may be burned direct to CD without any temporary files being created on the hard drive, making this product safe to use even when no other drive is available.

Product Information

Publisher: DiskInternals Research

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 99.95

Key Features

  • Easy to use Explorer-style interface.
  • Recovery Wizard.
  • Partition Recovery Wizard.
  • Recovers files from disks formatted using NTFS, NTFS 4 and NTFS 5.
  • Recover files from damaged disks.
  • Recover files from drives Windows can't access.
  • Recover corrupt or damaged partition tables.
  • Unformat formatted NTFS drives.
  • Recovers all types of files, including photos, music, videos, text and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Recovered files may be saved to any drive.
  • Create drive images for later recovery.
  • Pre-recovery file preview.
  • Power Search Technology recognizes over 160 file types.
  • Save recovered files direct to CD.
  • NEW! Support for RAID arrays and dynamic disks.
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