MagiCure Professional

iconHave you ever had a problem with your computer or lost a file and wished you could just go back to when it was OK? With MagiCure Professional you can do just that! It's like Windows System Restore, but for everything! With MagiCure Professional on your computer you can restore a single file or roll the entire system back to a previous state. It lets you recover from almost any problem with just a few mouse clicks. It can even get your computer working when Windows won't start!

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MagiCure Professional - a time machine for your PC

MagiCure Professional offers several installation options for advanced users but most should just choose the default. The installer requires a serial number. Click the Demo button to get a 15-day trial if you don't want to buy a full license first. After installation you'll need to restart your computer to activate a component of MagiCure Professional that runs before Windows starts.

MagiCure Professional begins by taking a base snapshot of your system. You are advised to disable Windows System Restore, because MagiCure provides the same functionality - and a whole lot more - and you would be wasting disk space by leaving System Restore running and keeping two sets of snapshots. MagiCure can decide when to take new snapshots, but you can specify when they should be taken or do them manually. New snapshots capture just the changes, so they are quick to do and don't take up much disk space.

MagiCure protects your PC against mistakes and problemsWith MagiCure Professional on your computer you are now protected from the worst things that can happen to a computer. You can take an extra snapshot whenever you want - just before installing some new software for example - so you have an exact point in time to roll back to if you need to. If your computer has a problem that you can't fix you can simply roll back to any previous snapshot.

MagiCure can roll back all files, not just system files. To avoid losing any files or documents you've worked on you should specify files or folders (such as My Documents) that should be excluded from the rollback process.

If you have lost or deleted a file then MagiCure can search previous snapshots to find the file and restore it. You can search for the file by name, file type or the folder where it was kept. MagiCure also lets you mount a snapshot as a virtual hard drive - drive E: for example - which you can then browse in Windows Explorer to restore any files you like using drag and drop.

Repair unbootable system by restoring from a snapshot at startupMagiCure Professional is much better than Windows System Restore. It can restore your computer to a working state even if Windows won't start. A MagiCure boot screen (shown right) appears briefly at start-up, before Windows starts. You can press the Home key to restore from an earlier snapshot and eliminate the changes that prevent your system from starting up.

MagiCure Professional is a powerful tool. The program provides a range of settings to let experienced users manage and customize it to their requirements. You can set access control on your snapshots. There is also a defragmenter to reduce the space occupied by snapshot data.

MagiCure Professional relies on snapshots to perform recovery so it cannot recover from problems that occurred before it was installed on the computer. Snapshots are stored on the same hard drive so MagiCure Professional is not a substitute for a backup program. It cannot recover your system if the hard drive fails. recommends:
We recommend MagiCure Professional because it provides protection both from accidentally deleted data and from problems caused by software installations, updates and configuration errors.

Product Information

Developer: AvantEDGE Solutions

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 69.95

Key Features

  • Protects your PC from problems that may occur in future
  • Recover from problems by going back to before they happened
  • Restore files to previous versions
  • Recover deleted files
  • Restore system after failed software install or remove
  • Recover system from virus or spyware infection
  • Retrieve data from crashed system
  • Restore system to working order even if Windows won't start
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