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Live File Backup - automatic continuous backup of your working documentsLive File Backup is a continuous backup software for Microsoft Windows. It takes backup copies of your files automatically, while you work, so you'll never lose an important file, even if you delete it by accident. Live File Backup keeps previous versions of your files, so you can even restore the last good version of a file that got messed up, overwritten or corrupted.

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Continuous data protection for your Windows PC

Live File Backup starts with Windows so it's always on the job, providing you with continuous data protection. You specify the interval between backups - typically every 15 minutes - and the number of copies and maximum age to keep backups. Whenever a file is changed, a copy is saved to the backup location. Backups are compressed using the industry standard Zip method, to save space, so they can be viewed using Windows Explorer. If you wish, backups may be encrypted with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

You must specify the source folders to back up (subfolders are optional) and also the file types to include or exclude. This way you don't waste resources backing up temporary or backup files, or files that may easily be restored from other sources.

Live File Backup is intended to protect and back up the files you create - your documents, photos, spreadsheets, reports and so on. It does not create a complete image of your hard drive from which you can restore the entire system with a few mouse clicks if the computer irreparably crashes. You should use it alongside periodic full backups made using other software such as Backup4All if you want complete system protection.

Live File Backup can back up files to another local drive, network drive or an FTP server. So your backups can easily be kept off-site if you want.

To restore files you browse a folder tree that follows the structure of the folders on your computer. The backed up files are listed along with the date and time of creation. You can filter the listed files using the filename and/or date to make it easier to find the file you want to restore. There is no facility to preview a file but you can restore it to another location if you don't want to overwrite the current version.

We found Live File Backup easy to set up and use. We highly recommend this type of backup software as an install and forget backup system that will protect the irreplaceable files you create on your computer, not just from disk crashes and other failures but from mistakes and accidents. Why not try it?

Product Information

Publisher: Infonautics Gmbh

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 49

Key Features

  • Backs up your files while you work
  • Completely automatic - install and forget
  • Keeps multiple copies
  • Restore any previous version
  • Never lose work, even if you delete it by mistake
  • Continuous data protection
  • Backups zipped to save space
  • Encrypt backups to protect sensitive data
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Customers say

  • "Live File Backup is perfect for my home PC. I do a system backup only every 3 or 4 weeks but my data is still regularly saved with Live File Backup." Stefan Balaban