iconIsoBuster is the best CD and DVD data recovery tool for Windows. If you have a CD or DVD that your computer can't read, IsoBuster will let you browse the disc, find your files and copy them to your hard disk.

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IsoBuster - the premier CD/DVD data recovery tool

IsoBuster can recover data from CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. It supports all optical disc formats and all the most common optical disc file systems, including the many "packet writing" formats used to make rewritable CDs and DVDs usable like disk drives.

Because IsoBuster understands file systems, it lets you browse through data using its original filenames in its original folders. IsoBuster can also read "deleted" data from multi-session discs and access "raw" data on a disc. IsoBuster talks to your CD or DVD drive directly, not through Windows, so it can employ various tricks to recover data from discs that Windows considers unreadable.

IsoBuster will almost certainly be able to find your data and help you get it back. In fact, it's so good at finding lost data, IsoBuster is used as a forensic tool by many law enforcement agencies!

Although IsoBuster is a powerful tool with many options for the expert, technical user, in most cases data recovery is simplicity itself. Just start IsoBuster and then put the CD or DVD you want to recover in your disc drive. IsoBuster will automatically mount the drive and show all the tracks, sessions, files and folders in a window that looks reassuringly like the familiar Windows Explorer. Just click to expand the folders, find your files and recover them by dragging and dropping them to your hard drive. It's as easy as that!

If you can't immediately see your files, IsoBuster's powerful scanning features will help you to locate them. Just right-click the session icon and select "Find missing files and folders." IsoBuster will prompt you to create an image of the disc on your hard drive. This makes searching - and hence recovery - faster than accessing the CD or DVD every time. You can then browse a list of recovered files, examine them and drag and drop the ones you wish to save to your hard disc.

IsoBuster supports CDs and DVDs, ISO files (images of CDs and DVDs) and a whole host of other CD, DVD and hard disk image formats. It supports the FAT file system used on older hard drives and many removable media, so it can be used to browse through disk images with the same ease that it can be used with CDs and DVDs. recommends:
We recommend IsoBuster because it is an extremely powerful tool, developed by a company with a commitment to creating the best CD and DVD recovery tool in the industry. Don't be fooled by the low price - IsoBuster really is the best.

Product Information

Publisher: Smart Projects

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Recover data from all known CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats
  • Supports all popular packet writing software, such as DirectCD, InCD
  • Access all sessions of a multi-session disc
  • Direct access - read discs Windows can't
  • Supports all recent ATAPI and SCSI CD and DVD drives
  • Multiple retry mechanisms to read data from damaged media
  • Find lost photos saved using Sony Mavica and similar digital cameras
  • Read .ISO files and many other CD and disk images
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