iconiUndelete is a quick and simple, no-frills data recovery utility that lets you recover deleted files with ease. Unlike the other data recovery software reviewed on tech-pro.net, iUndelete can only recover files that have recently been deleted. But if you know that the file you need was deleted, and deleted recently, iUndelete can usually get it back. To be certain, try the free demo before purchasing.

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iUndelete - recover deleted files easily

iUndelete really is easy to use. It's a portable file and needs no installation. Download it direct to the disk you want to run it from - preferably a USB memory stick or a removable drive, not the drive where your deleted file was stored. But you can even save and run it direct from your desktop!

Start iUndelete, select the drive containing your lost file and click Scan. When the scan has finished, select the Recover tab. You'll see a folder tree on the left hand side showing the folders on the selected drive. You can expand and collapse the folder tree, just as you can in Windows Explorer.

Select any folder, and on the right you'll see all the recoverable files iUndelete found. The Status column gives you the program's estimate of the chances that the file data is still intact. Select one or more files that you want to undelete, click Recover Selected, and save the files to a new location (not the drive they are being recovered from.)

iUndelete allows you to Preview files before recovery, but unlike more sophisticated products it's a text-based preview that only shows the raw binary data. There is also a Filter option that helps you locate the files you want by specifying a filename or wildcard (such as *.jpg) or even by file size or modification date.

iUndelete does not "deep scan" the drive or use other more sophisticated algorithms so it will not find files if the disk structure has changed significantly since they were lost. It will not recover deleted files if the disk has subsequently been defragmented, partitioned or formatted. For the best chance of recovery we'd advise that you use a more sophisticated product. But if you need to recover files that have only recently been deleted, iUndelete will get the job done easily and for a low cost.

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We recommend iUndelete because it's a quick and easy to use tool for recovering those files you've just deleted.

Product Information

Publisher: DIY DataRecovery

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 29.95

Key Features

  • Requires no installation: run from USB stick or your desktop!
  • Recover files and folders deleted from the Recycle Bin
  • Recover shift-deleted files
  • Recover files deleted by an application
  • Recover files from hard drives, floppy drives, USB and Flash memory drives
  • Recover photos deleted from digital cameras
  • Recover compressed and encrypted files
  • Supports all Windows file systems: FAT and NTFS
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