How To: Fix When Windows Won't Start

Applies to: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7


When you start your computer, Windows does not start up. One of the following things may happen:


A failure to start Windows may occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases it is caused by corruption or deletion of system files, including the registry. It could also be caused by faulty software, faulty hardware, installing the wrong drivers, use of badly designed registry cleaners, and many other things.


Solving a problem like this can be very difficult. Because of the number of possible causes, it is difficult to provide any generic solutions. However, we know that Windows started on a previous occasion. Therefore if you have a full system backup available the quickest and easiest solution will probably be to restore from the backup.

Windows built-in System Restore has made snapshots of the system during its previous working state. Unfortunately Microsoft provided no way to run System Restore from outside of Windows, and manually restoring the system from the files it saved would be impossibly hard.

MagiCure Professional

MagiCure Professional is a program that works in a similar way to Windows System Restore, but is far superior. It works for all kinds of files, not just system files, so it can be used to recover documents or restore them to an earlier state as well as to repair system errors. It can be run from within Windows or before Windows starts, so it can be used to repair a Windows system even if it won't boot up. Its snapshots can be mounted as virtual drives and explored using Windows Explorer so you can view or restore any file from any snapshot.

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MagiCure Professional cannot help with problems that occurred before it was installed. It needs a snapshot of the system in a working state to be able to restore it. Therefore you should install MagiCure Professional on your computer while it is working perfectly. If you don't have MagiCure Professional installed on your computer and Windows won't start then you will need a tool like Spotmau BootSuite.

This article shows how easily you can repair a computer that won't start up when MagiCure Professional has been installed.

Restoring the system

MagiCure boot screen
Selecting the restore option
Select a snapshot to restore from
Loading the snapshot

Recovering files

Your computer has been restored to an earlier state. Any files you created or changed since that time will have been lost or restored. The files are still safe, backed up in the snapshots taken by MagiCure Professional. The MagiCure File Recovery Wizard will start once Windows has loaded to enable you to recover them.

MagiCure File Recovery Wizard
Specifying the files to recover
Searching for files to recover
Showing the list of recoverable files
File recovery is complete

If required, file recovery can be run at any time to recover files from any snapshot made by MagiCure Professional.

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