How To: Recover Photos using DeleteFIX Photo

DeleteFIX Photo is a very powerful and effective recovery software that can restore deleted photos from digital cameras, hard drives and memory cards. This tutorial shows you how to recover your photos using this product.

Getting started

First, download DeleteFIX Photo and install it on your computer.

downloadDownload DeleteFIX Photo now!

IMPORTANT: If you will be using DeleteFIX Photo to recover photos deleted from your hard drive, do not install the program on the same drive. The software may be installed on disk space that previously contained your photos and you will not be able to recover them. Install DeleteFIX Photo on a different drive if possible. Alternatively, take the drive containing the deleted photos and attach it temporarily to another computer on which DeleteFIX Photo has been installed.

If you want to recover deleted photos from a digital camera, connect the camera to the computer in the usual way and switch it on.

Start DeleteFIX Photo

Start DeleteFIX Photo, then click on New Recovery.

Start DeleteFIX Photo

A wizard will start, to get the details of the camera from which you want to recover deleted photos. Click Next.

The wizard helps get details of the photos you wish to recover

Now specify where you want to recover the photos from. If you are recovering them from a digital camera specify the make of camera. This helps DeleteFIX Photo identify the deleted photos in the camera memory if they are stored in a proprietary or "raw" image format.

Select the drive or type of camera you want to recover the images from

Click Next. Now select the drive letter for the digital camera. This tells DeleteFIX Photo which drive to scan.

Select the drive letter for the camera

Begin the recovery

DeleteFIX Photo is now ready to start recovering your deleted photos. Click Start to begin the recovery.

Ready to start recovery

Recovering your lost photos can take some time. As each photo is recovered its name is added to the list.

Save the recovered photos

There is no need to wait for the recovery scan to finish. You can click on the name of a photo and see a preview displayed. To recover one or more photos, click to tick the checkbox beside each one, then click Save. You will be prompted for a location to save the recovered photos.

Select the pictures you wish to recover and click Save

IMPORTANT: Do not save the recovered photos back to the digital camera memory card.

DeleteFIX Photo is simple and effective. Download a trial version now and see for yourself?

downloadDownload DeleteFIX Photo now!