How To: Repair an Excel spreadsheet using ExcelFIX

ExcelFIX is an easy to use wizard that can recover and repair corrupted or damaged Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It supports files created by all versions of Microsoft Excel and can recover the spreadsheet complete including charts, embedded images, comments, merged cells, groups and outlines, subtotal, and formula elements. This tutorial shows how to repair a damaged spreadsheet using the ExcelFIX software.

Getting started

First, download ExcelFIX and install it on your computer.

downloadDownload ExcelFIX now!

Select the file to recover

Start ExcelFIX. If you are running the demo version you will see a welcome screen. Click Start. You will then the first screen of the ExcelFIX recovery wizard. Click on Select file to select the spreadsheet that has been damaged or corrupted.

Select the spreadsheet you wish to repair

Recover the Excel spreadsheet

Click Recover. ExcelFIX will analyze the file and try to repair your spreadsheet. If it is successful, it will display a message that the recovery is complete and display a summary of all the elements it has recovered.

The spreadsheet has been recovered

If you click View you can see a preview of the recovered data.

Previewing the recovered data

Save the recovered spreadsheet

To save the recovered data click Go to Save

Save the repaired spreadsheet

ExcelFIX will save the repaired spreadsheet to a file of the same name with [ExcelFIX] inserted into it. You can change this filename if required by editing it. Click Save to save the recovered spreadsheet to the new file.

File successfully saved

The file has been successfully saved. Click Open to open the repaired spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

Note that the demo version will not recover the complete file. You must purchase a license and activate the program to enable the full recovery features of the software.

As you can see, recovering or repairing a corrupt or damaged Excel spreadsheet is quick and easy using ExcelFIX recovery software. Try the demo version and see for yourself.

downloadDownload ExcelFIX now!