How To: Recover Deleted Files using Uneraser

DiskInternals Uneraser is a powerful data recovery software that allows you to recover deleted files under Windows. This tutorial shows you how Uneraser can quickly and easily recover your deleted files.

Getting started

Download Uneraser, then run the downloaded file to install it on your computer. After installation Uneraser can be started from an icon on the Programs menu.

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Starting the deleted files recovery

Start Uneraser. If you are using the trial version, click the button to Launch Trial Version. There is no need to buy the software until you have seen that it is able to recover your files.

Uneraser Recovery Wizard

Uneraser has a Recovery Wizard that helps guide you through the recovery process. You don't have to use it, but most people will find it easier. In this tutorial we will use the Wizard. Click Next.

Select the drives or folders to scan

On the next Wizard screen you select the drives or folders to scan. You can specify just common folders like My Documents or My Pictures if you know that the files you want were deleted from there, or you can search an entire drive. Click Next after you have made your selection.

Select the file types you want to recover

Now you must specify the file types you want to recover. For example, if you are trying to recover some deleted photos you can select Image Files. Alternatively you can specify all or part of the filename, using wildcards. Just put * to recover all possible files. Click Next after you have made your selection.

The Recovery Wizard summarizes your selections

The next Wizard screen shows a summary of the selections you have made. You can click Back and change any of them if you want to.

There is an Options button that lets you limit the files that will be listed in the scan results based on how recently the files you want were modified, or the file size. You can also specify some search options. Normally it is best to ignore this button and let Uneraser use its default settings.

Uneraser additional options

Click Next to begin the data recovery.

Recovering Deleted Files

Scanning your disk to recover deleted files may take some time. When the task has been completed the Wizard will finish showing a count of the number of files it found that met your specification.

Deleted files have been recovered

Click Next to close the Wizard.

Now you are in the main window of Uneraser. It works a bit like Windows Explorer, with a task pane on the left hand side. You can view the files recovered from common locations by clicking on the names of those locations in the task pane. You can change how the list of recovered files is displayed using the View toolbar icon.

Previewing deleted files before recovery

If you select a file from the list then a thumbnail image is displayed in the lower part of the task pane. If the Viewer pane (lower right-hand pane) is showing then you can see a larger preview of the file there. Uneraser can display previews of nearly all popular file types - far more than any other comparable data recovery program.

TIP: If no preview appears when you select a file then it may be damaged or corrupt - in other words, the file may not be recoverable.

You can recover a single file by selecting it and click the Recover button. You can select multiple files the same way you would in Windows Explorer, for example dragging a selection box round them with the mouse, or Ctrl+clicking to select several different files.

Selecting a group of files to be recovered

Click the Recover button. Uneraser will now ask you to specify how you want to save the recovered files. You can save them to a drive (including USB removable drives or network drives), burn them to CD using Uneraser's internal CD burning software (a feature unique to Uneraser) or upload them to an FTP server.

Choose the type of location the files are to be recovered to

If you chose to save the recovered files, Uneraser will now ask you to specify the target location.

IMPORTANT: This should not be the same drive that the files are being recovered from.

Specify the location the files are to be recovered to

If you have been using the trial version of Uneraser then at this point you will be given the opportunity to enter a license key for the program. You can purchase one right from within the software. You can also click here to buy a license for Uneraser.

After entering the license key you can complete the recovery of the deleted files by saving them to the chosen location.

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