How To: Recover Deleted Files using iUndelete

iUndelete is a no-frills deleted file recovery software for Windows. It can recover recently deleted files in a few minutes. However we do not recommend it to recover files deleted some time ago or if other changes have been made to the disk since the files were lost.

Getting started

iUndelete requires no installation. You can download it directly to the place from where you will run it. If the files you have lost were on your main drive, download it to a different drive such as a USB memory stick. Note that the free demo version can list and preview recoverable files but a full version must be purchased to allow deleted files to be saved to disk.

downloadDownload iUndelete free demo now!

IMPORTANT: Do not install iUndelete on the drive containing your deleted files. It could overwrite them, preventing any chance of recovery. Install the software on a different drive if possible.

Scanning for deleted files

1. Double-click the iUndelete icon to start the program.

iUndelete icon

2. Select the drive containing your deleted files from the drop-down list and click Scan.

Start scanning the disk

3. Wait while iUndelete scans the disk.

Scanning for deleted files

4. iUndelete will display a message when it has finished scanning the disk.

Disk scan completed

Recovering deleted files

5. iUndelete will switch to the Recover tab after the scan is complete. You can search through the folders shown in the tree on the left to find the files you want. Alternatively you can use the Filter dialog shown below to locate the files.

Using filters to find the files you need

6. When you have found the files you wish to recover, note the value in the Status column for each file. This is the program's estimate of the chances that the contents of the file are intact.

Select the files to recover

7. To complete recovery, select the files you want using the mouse and then click Recover Selected. Save the files to a new location (not the drive that they were recovered from.)

Note that the demo version cannot be used to perform this last step. You can use the Buy Now button below to purchase the full version of iUndelete.

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