How To: Recover Deleted Files using File Recovery for Mac

AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac is a full featured do-it-yourself data recovery software for Mac OS X. This tutorial shows how easy it is to recover deleted files, photos and documents using this software.

Getting started

First, download AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac and install it on your computer.

downloadDownload File Recovery for Mac

Select the volume containing deleted files

Click Choose Disk and then select the disk volume containing the deleted files that you wish to recover. If the volume is not listed, select the drive that the volume was on.

Select the volume containing deleted files

Search for deleted files

Now start to search for deleted files by clicking Deleted files scan. As the scan progresses, the list will start to be populated with the names and types of deleted files.

When the scan is complete, select the file type you wish to recover from the list on the left (e.g. Images, jpeg.) On the right in Table mode you will see a list of names of files of that type. You can select a file and click View file to see the contents. (Note that not all file types can be viewed.)

Viewing deleted files for recovery

To switch to Thumbnail mode click Thumbnails. You will then see thumbnail images or icons in place of file names. This is especially useful when recovering deleted photos.

If the files you lost were not found during the deleted files scan, repeat the steps above clicking on Lost files scan. This will do a deeper search (taking longer) and find more files.

Recovering deleted files

Select the files you want to recover in the usual way, e.g. by dragging a box round them with the mouse, or pressing the Command key and then clicking on each file you wish to recover. Then click Save.

Saving recovered files

Select a destination folder for the recovered files. You must select a different volume for the destination folder than the one the files are being recovered from. A USB memory stick makes a good location if you don't have a second volume or an external drive.

That's all there is to recovering deleted files with AppleXsoft File Recovery for Mac!

downloadDownload File Recovery for Mac