How To: Recover Deleted Files with Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is an easy to use software that can recover deleted files. This tutorial will show you how to perform a deleted files recovery using Data Recovery Wizard.

Getting started

Download Data Recovery Wizard and install it on your computer. It is a standard installer. If it downloads as a zip file. double-click on the zip file to open it and then double-click on the program inside to start the installer.

downloadDownload Data Recovery Wizard now!

IMPORTANT: Do not install Data Recovery Wizard (or any other software) on the drive that contains the files that were deleted. The software might overwrite those files, destroying your chances of recovering them. Install it on a different drive if possible, or take the drive containing the deleted files and install it as a second drive on another computer on which the Data Recovery Wizard has been installed.

Start Deleted Files Recovery

Launch the Data Recovery Wizard. Select Deleted Files Recovery.

Select Deleted Files Recovery

Select the drive that contained the files that have been deleted and click Next.

Select the drive to recover deleted files from

Now wait while the Data Recovery Wizard scans the drive you selected searching for deleted files. When it is finished, it displays a message advising you to try the Complete File Recovery option if the files you want are not found.

Close the message box. Now the Data Recovery Wizard will show you a folder tree containing all the deleted files it found.

The folder tree and list of deleted files

Recovering Deleted Files

You can browse the folder tree to look for the files you want to recover. You can see a preview of some file types, to see if the file is one you want. Just select the file and click the File Preview button, and the file will be displayed in a new window.

Previewing a deleted file before recovery

Select all the files you wish to recover by clicking to tick the check box beside each one. You can select all the files in a folder by ticking the check box for that folder.

TIP: If you are trying to recover photos deleted from My Pictures, check the My Pictures folder under All Users as well.

When you have finished selecting files, click Next.

Summary showing the number of files selected for recovery

Now select a drive and folder to which the recovered files should be saved.

IMPORTANT: This should not be the drive that the files are being recovered from.

Data Recovery Wizard will show you the amount of space available on the selected location, so you can see if there is enough space to hold all your recovered files. Then click Next.

Recovering deleted files

Recovering your deleted files may take some time. The Data Recovery Wizard will display a progress dialog during the recovery.

Deleted files recovery is complete!

Finally the Wizard informs you that the recovery of your deleted files is complete! You can open the destination folder and check the recovered files, or you can go back to the file list and recover more files.

downloadDownload Data Recovery Wizard now!