How To: Make a Data Rescue PC boot CD

If you have lost or deleted files on your hard drive, it is important that as soon as you realize this, you do not write any more data to the drive. Every write potentially can overwrite the data you hope to recover.

If your lost data was on your computer's primary or only drive, you should stop using the computer altogether, because the operating system will write data to the drive even if you don't specifically do so. This could make data recovery difficult! However, it is perfectly safe to boot the computer from a CD containing its own operating system, and then use this to attempt recovery.

Data Rescue PC is a high quality and very effective data recovery software that runs from a CD under its own Linux-based operating system. It does not need to be installed on a computer at all. When buying the software, you can order a ready made CD to be sent to your address for a nominal extra cost. Alternatively you can download the software and burn your own CD. This tutorial will show how to make your own Data Rescue PC boot CD.

Step 1: Download the software

Click the button below to download the Data Rescue PC setup program. It is a 37MB download.

downloadDownload Data Rescue PC now!

IMPORTANT: If you want to recover files from your PC's main C: drive you must download the software and burn the CD using a different computer. Such a big download would almost certainly overwrite some of the data you want to recover.

The CD that you will create will work as either a free demo, or the full product. To enable the ability to save recovered files you will need to enter a license key which is sent to you when you purchase the full product. If you are having to use someone else's computer to access the Internet, you may want to purchase a license at the same time to avoid unnecessary delay and inconvenience.

downloadPurchase Data Rescue PC now
to enable full data recovery features.

Step 2: Run the setup program

After downloading the Data Rescue PC setup program, run it.

Starting the Data Rescue PC setup program

An information message box will appear. As stated, you will need a PC running Windows XP or Windows 2003 equipped with a CD burner containing a blank CD in order to complete the setup. If you are using a different operating system, or do not have a CD burner or a blank recordable CD available at this time, you can click Cancel and abandon the setup.

Note that the data recovery CD itself can be used to recover data from any FAT, FAT32 or NTFS formatted drive. In other words, it is compatible with any version of Windows.

Step 3: Check that the CD writer is ready

Click OK, and the setup program will start.

The setup program now displays a second message box asking you to check that there is a blank CD in the CD writer. This is important, because you will not be prompted if there is not a disk in the drive when the burner software starts.

Make sure there is a blank CD in your CD writer

When your CD burner is ready, click Setup, and the CD image will be extracted from the downloaded file into a temporary folder on your hard drive. A progress indicator is displayed.

Extracting the CD image to your hard drive

Step 4: Burning the CD

After the CD image has been extracted, it will be burned to CD to create your data recovery boot disc. The CD burning utility is a command line utility with a simple text display, so a console window will appear.

Burning the CD image to disc

The console window will show the progress of the burning process.

Step 5: Using the Data Rescue PC boot CD

If all is well, the console window will close without showing any errors. You can now eject the disc from the CD writer, label it, and use it to boot up the computer on which you want to perform data recovery.