How To: Recover Photos using Flash Recovery

Flash Recovery is a powerful photo recovery software that enables you to recover lost and deleted photos and other digital images from hard drives, memory cards and digital cameras under Microsoft Windows. This tutorial shows you how.

Getting started

Download Flash Recovery and install it on your computer.

downloadDownload Flash Recovery now!

IMPORTANT: Do not install Flash Recovery on the drive that contains the pictures you wish to recover. The software could overwrite the files, wrecking your chances of recovering them. If you want to recover photos from a hard drive, install the software on a different drive if possible..

Starting recovery

Start Flash Recovery. If you are using the trial version, click Launch Trial Version. There is no need to buy a license until you have verified that Flash Recovery can recover your photos.

When the Recovery Wizard opening screen appears, click Next.

Select the drive to recover photos from

Select the drive to recover photos from and click Next. Note that Flash Recovery, like other data recovery software, treats memory cards as disk drives for the purpose of recovery. If your digital camera cannot be accessed as a disk drive, you will need to take the memory card out and put it in a memory card reader in order to use the recovery software.

Flash Recovery displays thumbnails of the images found

Flash Recovery will now scan your drive or memory card to recover your photos. While it works, it will display a moving film strip containing thumbnails of the images found. When it has finished, it will display a scrollable list of all the recovered photos. You can see a larger preview of any image, and even rotate it if necessary. Note that we were using the free trial version to make these screenshots, which stamps a watermark over the preview images.

You can see a larger preview of any image

Saving the recovered photos

Select all the photos you want to recover, then click Next. Flash Recovery will then ask you where to save them.

Saving the recovered photos

Flash Recovery gives you more options than other recovery software for saving your recovered files. You can save them to a drive (including USB removable drives or network drives), burn them to CD using its internal CD burning software or upload them to an FTP server.

IMPORTANT: You should not save the photos to the same drive they were recovered from.

Choosing a location for the recovered photos

If you chose to save the recovered pictures to a file, Flash Recovery will ask you to specify the target location.

If you have been using the trial version of then you will need to enter a license key for the program in order to complete the recovery. You can purchase a license from within the software. You can also click here to buy a license for Flash Recovery.

downloadDownload Flash Recovery now!