How To: Rescue files from a computer that won't start up

This tutorial shows how to recover files from a computer which will no longer start Windows using the Selkie Rescue data recovery software.

download Download the Selkie Rescue demo now and try it for yourself!

Step 1: Create a Rescue CD

Download the Selkie Rescue package and run the installer. When it has finished you will be asked to create the recovery CD.

Creating the Rescue CD

If you choose to use the built-in burner then the CD burner application will load.

Burning the rescue CD

Ensure that your CD burner drive is selected, place a blank CD-R disc into the drive and click Create Selkie CD. Your bootable Data Rescue CD will be created.

Step 2: Booting the broken computer

The broken computer should be connected to the one used to recover your data using a network cable. If you do not have a network, you can purchase a crossover network cable which can be used to link the two computers together directly. You may also be able to use a USB network cable. The information provided with the product has more information about these options if you are unsure about them.

Place the Rescue CD into the CD drive of the faulty computer and restart it. Some boot-up messages will appear, shortly followed by the Welcome screen. In most cases, all you need to do is press Enter to select the Basic setup.

Starting the Selkie Recovery Server

The software will detect the hardware in the broken computer, and then connect to the network. If successful, it will display the name of the network and any computers found on it.

The network has been detected

Press Enter again. The Rescue CD software will then scan the computer hard drive to build a list of files that can be recovered.

Ready to rescue your data

Once this is complete, you are ready to start rescuing your data. Press Enter to select OK once more, and the Rescue CD main screen will appear.

The main recovery server screen

When you have finished recovering your files, select Exit to eject the CD and shut down the computer.

Step 3: Recovering your files

Now you can start the Selkie Rescue Center on the working computer.

Selkie Rescue Center

Click Start Rescuing Files. The Rescue Center will connect to the network and display the computers running the Selkie Rescue CD that it can connect to. Usually there will just be the one!

Selecting the computer to recover data from

Select this computer and click Next.

Selecting the files and folders to recover

The Rescue Center will display a folder tree. Select a folder for recovery by ticking the check box beside it. You can select specific files by clicking on the folder name and then selecting the files in the middle window pane. In the right-hand pane you can select the destination folder where the rescued files will be copied to. When you have made your selection click Next.

Confirmation message

A message box asking for confirmation of the action will appear. Click OK, and the files or folders you selected will be copied to the working computer.

download Download the Selkie Rescue demo now and try it for yourself!