How To: Full Data Recovery with Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a complete do it yourself data recovery software for Windows. It can recover deleted files, files that have been lost through accidental formatting or partitioning of a drive, and files lost due to malicious virus activity or a program crash.

Getting started

Download Data Recovery Wizard and install it on your computer. The software installs in the usual way for a Windows application.

downloadDownload Data Recovery Wizard now!

IMPORTANT: Do not install Data Recovery Wizard on the drive that contains the files you hope to recover. The software might overwrite those files, destroying your chances of recovering them. Install it on a different drive if possible. If another drive is not available, take the drive containing the lost data and install it as a second drive on another computer on which the Data Recovery Wizard has been installed.

Start Deleted Files Recovery

Launch the Data Recovery Wizard. Select Complete Recovery.

Select Complete Recovery

Select the drive containing the data you wish to recover and click Next.

Select the drive to recover data from

Wait while the Data Recovery Wizard scans the drive you selected searching for partitions. When it has finished, it will display a list of possible partitions based on an analysis of what it found. This is useful in cases where you are attempting to recover data from a partition that has been modified. However, because the "signature" that indicates the start of a partition is not unique, many of the entries in the list will be false. The Data Recovery Wizard will suggest which entry to use. Choose this entry unless you have a good reason not to.

Select the partition containing the lost data

When you have selected the partition you wish to search for files, click Next.

The folder tree and list of recovered files

Now you must wait while Data Recovery Wizard scans the selected partition searching for files. This can take some time. Assuming that you selected a valid partition, you should eventually see a folder tree showing the various folders on your hard drive.

Beginning Data Recovery

You can browse the folder tree to look for the files you want to recover. Because Complete Recovery performs a scan of the raw disk, ignoring the file system, it will identify a large number of files by file type only. It will not be able to tell you the original file name. Many of these files will be damaged (due to being partially overwritten) or incomplete. You will need to look at these files to identify their contents.

You can see a preview of some file types by selecting the file and clicking the File Preview button. The file will be displayed in a new window.

Previewing a file before recovery

Select the files you wish to recover by ticking the check box beside each one. You can select all the files in a folder by ticking the check box for that folder. When you have finished making your selection, click Next.

Summary showing the number of files selected for recovery

Now you must choose a drive and folder to which the recovered files should be saved.

IMPORTANT: This should not be the drive that the files are being recovered from.

Data Recovery Wizard will show you the amount of space available on the selected location, so you can see if there is enough space to hold the recovered files. Then click Next.

Recovering deleted files

The Data Recovery Wizard displays a progress dialog while it recovers your lost files.

File recovery is complete!

Finally the Data Recovery Wizard will inform you that the file recovery is complete! Open the destination folder to check the recovered files, or go back to the file list to recover more files.

downloadDownload Data Recovery Wizard now!