How To: Copy DVDs using 1Click DVD Copy Pro

Do you need an easy way to make back up copies of your favorite DVDs? This tutorial will explain how to make copies of your DVDs as a backup precaution in case the original becomes damaged. Copying a DVD using DVD copy software can also sometimes recover a playable copy when the original is unreadable in the DVD player.

We've found 1Click DVD Copy Pro to be one of the best and easiest to use DVD copy software available today. You need not be a computer expert to make DVD copies using 1Click DVD Copy Pro.

Here is the step by step guide. You need to download and install 1Click DVD Copy Pro first of all.

downloadDownload a free trial of 1Click DVD Copy Pro

Note: Copyright restrictions may make the copying of some DVDs illegal. We do not condone the illegal duplication of copyright material.

Step 1: Start the software

Start 1Click DVD Copy Pro.

Insert the DVD to be copied into the DVD drive. The program will automatically scan the DVD contents and a list of episodes/titles will appear within the program as you can see below.


Step 2: Set Audio language, Copy Presets and Destination

Before you actually start copying the disc, you need to decide destination DVD drive / Hard drive. A Working Folder can also be specified which will be used by program for buffering (temporary copy of DVD) operation. You will also see a list of preferred audio languages below the working folder path. You may select one or more languages for the final copy of your DVD.

Copy presets makes episode/menu selection easier. For example, you can select Movies only preset if you do not wish to copy Extras and Preferred Language to the final DVD. A Custom preset will give you flexibility and freedom to select any episode and menu from the list.


Step 3: Select Episodes / Title and Video Compression

If you have selected Copy preset as Custom, you'll need to manually select the episodes and menus which will be copied on to the destination DVD. In case of Exact Copy preset, a perfect copy of the source DVD will be created on to the destination DVD.

You may also change the Video compression (%) for each video in case you've selected Custom, Movies Only and Movies with Extras preset. Remember, the more you compress a video, the less space it will require on the destination DVD


Step 4: Start the Copying process

Just click on the Start button to begin the copying operation. Now relax and wait till the program copies the DVD to destination disc.


Program will display a success message as soon as it finishes the copy operation. Remember, you should test the DVD after copy operation is over. To test the DVD, eject and insert the DVD again and play it with the default DVD player for a while.

downloadDownload a free trial of 1Click DVD Copy Pro Converter