How To: Convert or rip DVD movies to iPod

This tutorial shows how you can convert or rip a DVD movie into iPod format using Avex DVD to iPod Converter.

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Step 1: Start the software

Begin by launching Avex DVD to iPod Converter.

Avex DVD to iPod Converter

Step 2: Load the DVD

Put the DVD disc in your DVD drive, then press and hold the Shift key to stop Windows launching the default DVD player. When the disc is loaded, click Open DVD. This will open a dialog box like this.

Selecting the DVD source

Select the DVD drive. You should see a folder named VIDEO_TS in the root folder of the DVD. You can click on this, or just the DVD itself, then click OK. The DVD will begin to play and you should see the menu appear on the preview screen.

Step 3: Start the movie

Using the mouse, select what you want to record from the DVD menu. If the menu has options to select subtitles or a different language soundtrack, you can select these, and they will be recorded when the DVD is converted. If the DVD contains several chapters or episodes, you can select the one you want to record. The movie will then begin to play.

Start the movie from the menu

Step 4: Start the recording

To start the recording, click Convert. A bar will appear at the top of the preview screen to show that the software is now recording. The speed of playback will change and the sound will stop. The speed of conversion will depend on how powerful your computer is.

Recording in progress

Step 5: Uploading the movie to your iPod

When the recording is finished, Avex DVD to iPod Converter will display a message showing the location of the output file, with instructions on how to upload it to your iPod using iTunes.

Upload video to iPod
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