How To: Convert DVD Movies to iPod and iPhone files

Many iPod or iPhone owners wish to watch their favorite DVD movies on their iPod. This tutorial will explain how to convert DVD movies in order to watch them on the iPod.

In this tutorial we use 1Click DVDToiPod, one of the best conversion tools available today. With a single click and optimal default settings for high quality conversion, you can convert a DVD to iPod Video easily and quickly.

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Step 1: Start the software

Start 1Click DVDToiPod Converter.

Insert your DVD into the DVD drive after you start the software. The program will detect the DVD and will be ready to start converting.


Step 2: Choose the episodes, if required

Right-click anywhere within the program window, a context-menu with lot of options will appear. Go to menu option Choose episode to convert and select the episode to be converted or select all to convert all the episodes.


Step 3: Change the options, if required

Use the options window to change the video resolution, the zoom factor and quality of the video. The file size of the destination video will be dependent upon the zoom factor which could be none, half or full. You can use this option to remove the black bars which appear and necessary for the wide screen viewing.

The quality of the video will also affect the file size. To change the quality, use the quality slider as you can see below.

You can also select the source DVD drive and destination folder path of the video.


Step 4: Start the conversion

Now just click on the start button and as per your selection, the program will start the conversion operation. You can see the progress indicator. You will have to wait till the conversion operation is over.


After conversion operation is complete, you will see the message as shown above. Now go to the folder where program has copied the converted DVD movies i.e. destination folder. Use the Windows Explorer to copy the required MP4 files to your iPod.

download Download a free trial of 1Click DVDToiPod Converter