Excel Recovery

recover xls Excel Recovery is a do it yourself data recovery software that recovers lost and deleted Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It's easy to use, with a preview feature that lets you view the recovered spreadsheets before recovering them. The product also has built-in CD burning, so you can save recovered documents to CD if you don't have an alternative location to store them.

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Excel Recovery has a wizard-based user interface, so using the software is basically a matter of selecting an option and clicking the Next button. You don't need to be a computer expert to use this product.

Recovery starts by selecting the drive containing the spreadsheets that have been lost. You then wait while the software scans the drive recovering documents. Whenever Excel Recovery finds something that looks like an Excel spreadsheet, it displays a preview of it. A progress bar keeps you informed of how recovery is progressing.

When the program has finished scanning, Excel Recovery shows you a list of the spreadsheets it found. You can click on any of the files to see a small preview of it, or open a full preview in a separate window. You can also view the document summary information associated with each file.

New! Data recovery boot CD

Now you can create a boot CD and run recovery tools without risk of overwriting the hard drive. You can even recover files from drives that are unreadable. More information...

If you're a professional Microsoft Office user and have hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets on your hard drive, you'll appreciate Excel Recovery's filters. These let you select documents by text search, title, author, file size, or when they were last modified.

DiskInternals exclusive feature: Recover direct to CD

Common to all data recovery software, recovered files must not be saved to the drive they were recovered from, because of the risk of overwriting the lost data. You must use a second drive, such as an external drive or network drive.

Excel Recovery has a feature unique to DiskInternals products: Direct to CD recovery. Recovered files may be burned direct to CD without any temporary files being created on the hard drive, making this product safe to use when no other drive is available.

Excel Recovery is the most powerful recovery software for Excel XLS spreadsheets on the market. Don't risk losing your work forever by trying inferior recovery software. You can try Excel Recovery free!

Product Information

Publisher: DiskInternals Research

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 79.95

Key Features

  • Easy to use wizard interface.
  • Full preview of spreadsheets before recovery.
  • Recovers Microsoft Excel .xls, .xlw, xlsx files.
  • Supports Office 2007 XML formats.
  • Powerful filtering allows documents to be located by text content, title, author, file type, file size and date of modification.
  • Supports all Windows file systems.
  • Works on hard drives, removable drives, CDs, DVDs and flash drives.
  • Deep search mode for the most effective data recovery.
  • EXCLUSIVE! Save recovered files direct to CD when no second hard drive or network drive available.
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