Encrypted File System Recovery

icon Encrypted File System Recovery (EFS Recovery) lets you quickly and easily recover encrypted files and folders from NTFS disk drives and RAID arrays. No matter whether you moved a disk containing encrypted files to another computer, deleted an encrypted file or folder, formatted a partition or experienced a hard disk error, Diskinternals EFS Recovery makes recovering encrypted files a breeze.

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Encrypted File System Recovery

EFS Recovery makes it possible for any computer user with no technical knowledge to recover encrypted files. The EFS Import Wizard makes the recovery process virtually automatic. It can scan your hard drives to find EFS system files and exported certificates. A quick scan to locate lost or accidentally deleted files takes just a minute or two. But EFS Recovery can also do a full scan to locate encrypted files and folders on drives that have been corrupted, repartitioned or reformatted.

Encrypted File System recovery does not compromise the security of your encrypted data. You must enter the account password in order to gain access to data stored on a recovered encrypted volume.

EFS Recovery uses DiskInternals' proprietary PowerSearch technology to give the best possible chance of recovering your lost or deleted files. It also incorporates the best file preview tools of any data recovery product on the market, allowing you to verify that the data you need is intact prior to recovery.

EFS Recovery supports NTFS/EFS partitions created by Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server R1/R2. The decryption engine is self-contained, so the product can be used to carry out encrypted file recovery from volumes created using a later version of Windows than the one being used to run the recovery software.

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We recommend EFS Recovery because we found it to be the easiest and most effective tool to recover encrypted files and folders from NTFS and RAID volumes.

Product Information

Developer: DiskInternals Research

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 149.95

Key Features

  • Recover NTFS encrypted files and folders
  • Supports AES, DES and 3DES encryption
  • Supports native RAID and Windows Dynamic Disk
  • EFS Import Wizard for easy recovery
  • Save recovered files to disk, virtual disk, network, CD, DVD or FTP server
  • Power Search Technology recognizes over 160 file types.
  • Full pre-recovery file preview
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