Driver Alert Service

iconTo get the best from your computer, your printer and other accessories you should use the latest drivers. But checking the different manufacturer sites for updates is a chore. Even just finding the updates can be hard. Driver Alert Service can save you all that trouble. It will send driver updates direct to your mailbox. Just click to download and you're done. It's the time-saving way to deal with the problem of keeping your computer drivers updated.

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Scan for the drivers needed byyour computer

To use the service you need to create an account. You can do this using the free driver scanner application which you can download by clicking the link above. Click Scan for Updates Now and the application scans your computer to determine exactly which drivers are needed. This information is stored in your account which will then send you email alerts whenever there are updates to those particular drivers. Paid subscribers can also view and download the updates directly from the RadarSync Driver Alert website.

Driver Alert update on the web

Driver Alert Service is a subscription service and you do need to subscribe in order to get any benefit from it. However at $ 19.50 a year the cost is a lot less than other driver update services. For this you get alerts with links to the original manufacturer's driver updates for your hardware, sent weekly monthly or as soon as the updates available.

You don't need to run software every start-up or in the background. Nor do you need to run the driver scanner application whenever you want to check for updates. Driver Alert Service will notify you whenever there are new drivers for devices that are installed on your computer. You only need to re-run the driver scanner when you have added or removed hardware. recommends:
We recommend Driver Alert Service because it is an inexpensive and time-saving way to keep your Windows drivers up to date and your computer working at peak performance.

Product Information

Developer: RadarSync

Platform: Windows

Price: $ 19.70

Key Features

  • Driver update alerts direct to your mailbox
  • View and download driver updates from the web
  • Simple FREE driver scanner takes just a few seconds
  • Only genuine, manufacturer-approved driver updates
  • Lowest cost driver update solution
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